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  1. larryfreeman profile image84
    larryfreemanposted 14 years ago

    As I mentioned in a previous announcement, categories are coming to HubPages.

    Here is the planned breakdown of the Home & Family Category:

    Home & Family (Top Level Category)

    * Adoption
    * Babies
    * Bedding
    * Child Care
    * Children
    * Cleaning
    * Cooking (See Food)
    * Foster Care
    * Gardening
    * Genealogy
    * Home Appliances
    * Home Furnishings
    * Home Improvement
    * Kitchen
    * Marriage (See Marriage in Gender & Relationships)
    * Parenting
    * Plumbing
    * Pregnancy
    * Real Estate
    * Relationships (See Relationships in Gender & Relationships)
    * Teens
    * Windows

    Here is the proposed breakdown for each of the above Home & Family subcategories:

    (1) Adoption (2nd Level Category)

    * Adoption Agencies
    * Adoption Attorneys
    * Adoption Expenses
    * Availability of Children to Adopt
    * Birth Fathers & Birth Father Rights
    * Birth Mothers & Birth Mother Rights
    * Disruption of the Adoption Process
    * Finding a Birth Mother
    * Foster Care Adoption
    * How to Begin
    * Illegal Adoptions
    * Independent Adoptions
    * International Adoption
    * Kinship Adoption
    * Planning for an Adoption
    * Regional Adoption Rules
    * Requirements to Adopt
    * Responsibilities of Adoptive Parents
    * Seeking Birth Parents
    * Special Needs Adoption
    * Stepparent Adoptions
    * Toddler Adoption

    (2)  Babies (2nd Level Category)

    * Babies with Special Needs
    * Baby Clothes & Fashions
    * Baby Colic
    * Baby Food
    * Baby Health
    * Baby's Eyes
    * Baby's Mouth
    * Baby Names
    * Baby's Nose
    * Bathing
    * Breastfeeding
    * Circumscision
    * Cribs & Bassinets
    * Day Care
    * Diapers
    * From Baby to Toddler
    * Immunization
    * Infant Formula
    * Infant Massage
    * Maternal Bond
    * Mental Development
    * Nail Care
    * Organic Baby Products
    * Pacifier
    * Paternal Bond
    * Putting your Baby to Sleep
    * Skin Marks & Rashes
    * Teething
    * Umbilical Cord

    (3) Bedding (2nd Level Category)

    * Air Mattresses
    * Beds around the World
    * Bed Care
    * Beds for Children
    * Bed Frames
    * Bed Sheets
    * Bed Sizes
    * Bunk Beds
    * Buying a New Bed
    * Blankets
    * Comforters & Quilts
    * Cribs (See Cribs in Babies Subcategory)
    * Daybeds
    * Futons
    * Hammocks
    * History of Beds
    * Mattresses
    * Pillows & Pillowcases
    * Roll-away Beds & Cots
    * Sleeping Bags
    * Sofabeds
    * Trundle Beds
    * Water Beds

    (4) Child Care (2nd Level Category)

    * Age-Appropriate Discipline
    * Au Pairs
    * Babysitting
    * Boarding Schools
    * Child Care around the World
    * Childhood Sports
    * Child Safety Seats
    * Home Daycare
    * Nannies
    * Parent Responsibilities
    * Preschool & Corporate Daycare
    * Religious Daycare
    * Special Needs Children

    (5) Children (2nd Level Category)

    * Adolescents
    * Allergies
    * Bed Wetting
    * Boys
    * Child Abuse
    * Common Injuries
    * Colds & Sickness
    * Dental Care
    * Early Schoolers
    * Education Issues
    * Girls
    * Growth & Development
    * Health Issues
    * Immunizations
    * Potty Training
    * Preschoolers
    * Reading & Writing
    * Runaways & Missing Children
    * School Readiness
    * Toddlers
    * Weight & Diet

    (6) Cleaning (2nd Level Category)

    * Air Freshners
    * Antiseptics
    * Bathroom Cleaning
    * Bedroom Cleaning
    * Brooms
    * Ceilings
    * Clean Air
    * Cleaning Electronic Gadgets
    * Cleaning Schedules
    * Dusters
    * Floors
    * Green Cleaning
    * Laundry Basics
    * Living Rooom Cleaning
    * Mops
    * Outdoor Cleaning
    * Rags, Cloths & Sponges
    * Speed Cleaning
    * Stain Removal
    * Vacuum Cleaners
    * Walls
    * Windows

    (7) Foster Care (2nd Level Category)

    * Creating Safe Environment
    * Effects of Foster Care on Children
    * Essays & Personal Experiences with Foster Care
    * Foster Care Around the World
    * Foster Parents
    * Regulations & Oversight
    * Involuntary Foster Care
    * Purpose of Foster Care
    * Statistics
    * Tips & Advice
    * Voluntary Foster Care

    (8) Gardening  (2nd Level Category)

    * Bonsai & Penjing
    * Bushes & Shrubs
    * Essays
    * Exotic Plants
    * Fertilizer & Compost
    * Flowers
    * Fruits
    * Gardeners
    * Garden Design
    * Garden Pests
    * Greenhouses
    * History of Gardens
    * House Plants
    * Japanese Gardens
    * Landscape
    * Lawns
    * Organic Gardening
    * Ornamental Plants
    * Rock Garden
    * Soil
    * Trees
    * Vegetables
    * Weeds
    * Wild Plants

    (9) Geneology (2nd Level Category)

    * Birth Certificates & Records
    * Cemeteries
    * Census Research
    * Church Records
    * Civil Records
    * Corresponding Effectively
    * Court Records
    * Death Certificates & Records
    * Directories
    * Family Associatioms
    * Geneology around the World
    * Immigration Records
    * Library Research
    * Marriage Certificates & Records
    * Military Records
    * Newspapers & Magazines
    * Research Services
    * Research Trips
    * Research on the Web
    * Software

    (10) Home Appliances (2nd Level Category)

    * Air Conditioner
    * Alternatives to Appliances
    * Breadmaker
    * Coffee Grinder
    * Coffee Machine
    * Conventional Oven
    * Dishwasher
    * Electric Blender
    * Food Processor
    * Freezer
    * Garbage Disposal
    * Juicer
    * Lawn Mower
    * Microwave Ovens
    * Refrigerators
    * Stoves
    * Toaster
    * Trash Compactor
    * Washer & Dryer for Clothes
    * Water Heater
    * Water Softener

    (11) Home Furnishings (2nd Level Category)

    * Bean Bag
    * Bed (See Bedding Subcaregory)
    * Bedroom Sets
    * Bench
    * Bookcases
    * Chairs
    * Chests
    * China Cabinet
    * Coffee Table
    * Cupboards
    * Desks
    * Dining Sets
    * Dresser
    * Garden Furniture
    * Hatstand
    * Love Seat
    * Recliner
    * Sofas & Couches
    * Tables

    (12) Home Improvement (2nd Level Category)

    * Bathroom Vanity
    * Carpet
    * Ceiling Fans
    * Dimmers & Lighting Controls
    * Doors
    * Drywall
    * Electrical Tools & Accessories
    * Exterior Paint & Stain
    * Exterior Shutters
    * Faucets
    * Fireplace & Hearth
    * Hardwood Floors
    * Insulation
    * Interior Paint & Stain
    * Kitchen (See Kitchen Subcategory)
    * Laminate Flooring
    * Lamps & Interior Lighting
    * Outdoor Lighting
    * Plumbing (See Plumbing Subcategory)
    * Power Tools
    * Showers
    * Sinks
    * Toilets
    * Tubs & Whirlpols
    * Wall Decor & Art
    * Wallpaper
    * Windows (See Windows Subcategory)

    (13) Kitchen (2nd Level Category)

    * Bakeware
    * Cabinets
    * Casual Dining
    * Cookware
    * Counter Tops
    * Cutlery
    * Disposers
    * Espresso Makers
    * Formal Dining
    * Kitchen Electronics
    * Kitchen Faucets
    * Kitchen Sinks
    * Silverware

    (14) Parenting (2nd Level Category)

    * Absentee Parents
    * Aging Parents
    * Discipline
    * Family Law
    * Fatherhood
    * Motherhood
    * Overparenting
    * Parents Around the World
    * Parenting Styles
    * Parent Support
    * Shared Parenting
    * Single Parent
    * Special Needs Children
    * Tips & Advice
    * Twins & Triplets
    * Untraditional Parents

    (15) Plumbing (2nd Level Category)

    * Augers & Plungers
    * Clogged Drains
    * Fixtures
    * How-Tos
    * Pipes & Valves
    * Plumbers
    * Plumbing Equipment
    * Pressure Tanks
    * Pumps
    * Septic Systems
    * Sinks, Faucets, & Drains
    * Toilets
    * Tubs & Showers
    * Water Filtration
    * Water Heaters

    (16) Pregnancy (2nd Level Category)

    * Birthing Choices
    * Childbirth
    * Choosing a Doctor
    * Choosing a Hospital
    * Early Pregnancy Signs
    * Exercise
    * Fertility
    * First Trimester
    * Hormonal Changes during Pregnancy
    * Labor & Delivery
    * Maternity Clothes
    * Morning Sickness
    * Naming the Baby
    * Nutrition
    * Physiological Changes during Pregnancy
    * Planning for Pregnancy
    * Postnatal
    * Pregnancy Lifestyle
    * Pregnancy Tests
    * Pregnant at Work
    * Second Trimester
    * Sexuality during Pregnancy
    * Sonograms
    * Support
    * Third Trimester

    (17) Real Estate (2nd Level Category)

    * Apartments
    * Appraisals
    * Buying
    * Choosing a Real Estate Agent
    * Commissions & Fees
    * Condominiums
    * Closing Fees
    * Detached Home
    * Down Payments
    * Escrow
    * Finding Your Dream Property
    * Housing Bubble
    * International Real Estate
    * Loan Types
    * Mobile Homes
    * Mortgage Insurance
    * Permits & Inspections
    * Property Insurance
    * Selling
    * Taxes
    * Tips on Negotiations
    * Townhomes

    (18) Teens (2nd Level Category)

    * Books for Teens
    * Dating
    * Drugs
    * Job Hunting
    * Psychology
    * Puberty
    * Sexuality
    * Teen Culture
    * Teen Idols
    * Teens around the World
    * Tips & Advice for Parents

    (19) Windows (2nd Level Category)

    * Bay Windows
    * Broken Windows
    * Cleaning Windows
    * Curtains
    * Replacing Windows
    * Shutters
    * Skylights
    * Stained Glass Windows
    * Window Screens
    * Window Types

    1. dawnella66 profile image59
      dawnella66posted 14 years agoin reply to this

      My hubs are basically about home decor, design, home staging..etc..I'd love to see a specific category for Interior Design big_smile

      1. larryfreeman profile image84
        larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Dawnella66,

        We have a category for interior design in:

        Arts & Crafts/Interior Design.


  2. MM Del Rosario profile image87
    MM Del Rosarioposted 14 years ago

    How about Babies Names???

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I agree.  Thanks for the feedback.  I'll add it.


  3. LondonGirl profile image82
    LondonGirlposted 14 years ago

    A couple of things:

    Under "genealogy" there is a real omission - Civil registration, birth, marriage and death certificates.

    Why are "breastfeeding" and "circumcision" under "pregnancy"?

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi LondonGirl,

      Thanks for the feedback!  I agree with your comments!  smile

      I had listed Civil Registration, Birth/Marriage/Death certificates under Church Records and Court Records but I agree with you that there are more appropriately called out separately.

      I agree with you about "breastfeeding" and "circumcision", they fit better in the Babies category.


  4. Uninvited Writer profile image76
    Uninvited Writerposted 14 years ago

    There needs to be a category under Home for Organization. I have a hub of getting rid of paper clutter and had to put it under the general cleaning subcategory.

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Uninvited Writer,

      Thanks for the feedback.  I added an "Organizing & Decluttering" category under Cleaning in Home & Family.


      1. Uninvited Writer profile image76
        Uninvited Writerposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks smile

  5. Lisa HW profile image61
    Lisa HWposted 14 years ago

    I'm not sure if this kind of thing is what you would be looking for in a hub; but as an adoptive mother to one of my three grown kids, it seems to me that there seems to be very little available about the challenges and sometimes unspoken emotional aspects of being an adoptive mother.

    When people adopt (even from infancy) all can be very much the same as it is with biological child - but there's always that extra element of that reality of adoption.

    So I'd suggest something like "Emotional Aspects of Adoptive Mothers" (and Fathers) in addition to just "Responsibilities" (which you now have).

    Also, I can't help but think that "Emotional Aspects of Having Given Away a Child" (or some briefer such title) might not be a bad thing to add either.

    Of course, too, I can't help but think that a category for adoptees, themselves (or a few of them) may be useful.

  6. Lisa HW profile image61
    Lisa HWposted 14 years ago

    A few others that have occurred to me (for under babies, children, learning - or one of those):

    Premature babies
    Gifted children
    Learning Problems (separate from learning disabilities)
    Parenting multiples

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your suggestions!  smile

      I've added Premature Babies and Gifted & Talented Children.

      For Learning Problems, I've created a Learning Issues category under Home & Family/Children

      For Parting Multiples, I've renamed Home & Family/Parenting/Twins & Triplets to Home & Family/Parenting/Twins & Multiples.


  7. William F. Torpey profile image74
    William F. Torpeyposted 14 years ago

    Under Number 9 I'm assuming that the spelling of "genealogy" and of "cemeteries" are just typos.

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi William,

      Thanks for noticing.  I fixed both typos.



  8. Auntie Artichoke profile image58
    Auntie Artichokeposted 14 years ago

    hello from beautiful Montana:

    I am just getting started with a HUB page, but have been writing and speaking about family relationships for 25 years.  So, of course, this new catagory is really up my alley.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone and how to do this better.


    Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship author and international speaker

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Judy,

      Welcome to HubPages.  smile 

      I'm very glad to hear this that this category fits in with your interests.


  9. Lisa HW profile image61
    Lisa HWposted 14 years ago

    The categories look great, but it occurs to me that "adoption" could use some sub-categories:

    Open adoption issues
    Closed adoption issues
    Adoptive parents' challenges (or concerns or problems)
    Birth parents' challenges (or concerns or problems)

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Lisa HW,

      Thanks very much for your comments.

      We already had the following subcategories:
      * Adoptive Parents
      * Birth Fathers
      * Birth Mothers

      Based on your suggestion, I've added two new subcategories:

      * Closed Adoptions
      * Open Adoptions


  10. mattressguru profile image60
    mattressguruposted 14 years ago

    For the Bedding category, why does air mattresses deserve its own category and not included in "mattresses"?

    I'm excited.. finally a specific category for my area of expertise!

    1. larryfreeman profile image84
      larryfreemanposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Mattressguru,

      Thanks for your feedback.  I agree with your thinking.  I've moved Air Mattress as a subcategory of Mattress.


  11. profile image50
    yyqq2008posted 14 years ago

    Thanks for your feedback


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