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New way of censorship on the hub pages.

  1. Jeromeo profile image61
    Jeromeoposted 4 years ago

    First it was finding competition for my Hub, How To Kiss Good, finally they found a better blog or at least they think so, mine was number one for about 7 years.

    Now mind you, so you understand, just ike everything else ran by the 1% they don't want you benig read or putting anything on hub pages that they feel might not be in their best intrest....Greed.

    Now they have this new censorship gemic, where, even though you are typing english the prompt wants you to believe that you are putting nfo other than what you type and we are suppose to be so beneath these guys interms of intellect we can't figure out they are screwing us over.

    Pulling in large formteh eir sponsors, give their pets peanuts so they have a supportivce peanut gallery when one of the rouges compalins.

    You complain and they say its your Broswer these guys are full of It they drag down so much money each day they stink from the smell of new money.

    So if your politcal views don't mesh with the Captains of the HubPage's Elite look out, they will sabotage your HUB or effrots to post new hubs.

    And don't worry if they sabatage this I will post on FB. unless they have moles over there.

    Less censorship more truth.

    1. Simone Smith profile image92
      Simone Smithposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      And that was the day I became the 1%.

      Jeromeo, did your Hub lose Featured status? If so, at least it looks like it is Featured now. The Hub has not been moderated in three years, so I know that can't be the cause...

      I am terribly sorry if we have caused some confusion or inconvenienced you. As you may know, we're going through some site-wide changes re: quality, and everyone is expected to meet a higher bar. It is not an easy shift for any of us to make.

      At any rate, looks like the issue is resolved, as I can see nothing wrong with the status of that Hub. I now shall feed some peanuts to my pets.

      1. wilderness profile image98
        wildernessposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Can I have a peanut or two?  Even a pet of the 1% seems like a pretty good deal from where I sit...

      2. profile image0
        Beth37posted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Where do you go to get the grace of Simone? I think I should write a hub about it.

    2. FactFromFiction profile image61
      FactFromFictionposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Does anyone know if the social security number that you are required to submit online is encrypted? Because the number is showing when typed so I don't think it is....

  2. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    I don't even understand what the complaint here is?

    1. FatFreddysCat profile image100
      FatFreddysCatposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Yay! I'm not the only one who didn't "get" it...

  3. Healthy Pursuits profile image94
    Healthy Pursuitsposted 4 years ago

    Sounds like a late night post rum rant. Spell check?

    1. Desmith3 profile image77
      Desmith3posted 4 years agoin reply to this


  4. Rik Ravado profile image91
    Rik Ravadoposted 4 years ago

    Certainly a confusing thread - I was lost before the social security number was mentioned! hmm

  5. LuisEGonzalez profile image88
    LuisEGonzalezposted 4 years ago

    Just my two cents worth's, hope you're ready because it took me a long while to come to this conclusion. Ready??............................................


  6. cheaptrick profile image69
    cheaptrickposted 4 years ago

    @ Simone; Thanks but I've learned to be a bit  skeptical when a woman decides to give me nuts....the last time this happened I saw to my dismay that after she gave them to me,she crushed my nuts....we're divorced now,but when she left,she took my nuts with her...now I'm nutless...and I sing soprano...

  7. Dale Hyde profile image85
    Dale Hydeposted 4 years ago

    I am a tad lost here myself, lol.

  8. MelissaBarrett profile image60
    MelissaBarrettposted 4 years ago

    And it should be "How to Kiss Well"


    And I want peanuts too...

    With beer...

    And salt...

    And a tequila chaser for the beer.

  9. WryLilt profile image86
    WryLiltposted 4 years ago

    I *think* Jeromeo is complaining about his hub no longer being #1 on Google. After being there for 7 years. Which is even more confusing, because his hub account is only 5 years old.

    If anyone is wondering, this is the hub: http://jeromeo.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-kiss-good

    It's just a block of text with poor grammar. A little funny, a little interesting, but certainly not anything to rave over. Google likes aged content though, so it's no surprise it's been getting good traffic, especially if the title matched the bad grammar of the average Google searcher.

    Jermomeo, Hubpages has no control over what Google thinks of your hub. Adding some subtitles and images and polishing it a little may help you go back up to where you were.

    1. quotations profile image92
      quotationsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      To a a certain extent Hubpages does influence how or if Google ranks a page. If Hubpages unfeatures a hub, even temporarily, Google will de-index the hub causing it to lose its spot in the rankings. However I have no idea what the OP is getting at.

  10. Jeromeo profile image61
    Jeromeoposted 4 years ago

    Typical high IQ regiment. What Jeromeo was talking about was Number one being able to post a new hub.  After five years of a relatively smooth operation, now its all screwed up.  What you are witnessing now is the, backlash for the peanut eaters and the feeder.

    The people who get the peanuts are there for a reason, to the casual observer they are happy hubbers on Hub pages, they think so to, but lets break down the bizz.

    The vulture capitalist who backed this venture don't care about do it yourself, who to hubs other than to know how to better market a particular product. They encourage you to HUb and HUb often.

    Its the day to day hub that get attention from the WallStreet Journal and other mainstream big money players.  Hubpages in not the only one, they collect information by generating folks like us to write then our followers read and comment and they profile all of us to the better benefit.

    Tell me this little miss whats her face it he rest of us our feature as Simon, is so quick to boast, why is he feeding you peanuts with money me and the other featured hubbers helped to make.  Count that up Ms. WryLilt.....Math wiz. 

    And what this was about, was: being able to post new hubs, it was not broken fine years ago and the old model held up very well until someone tried to FIX something that wasn't broken.  Then, according to Simon, they go to upgrade and suddenly there is a problem, that the well paid techs at Hubpages can't fix by undoing what they did to break it.     

    I came to the forum and responded to another hub who was having the same problem and being treated very poorly for the money he helped to bring in to hub pages and its pets.  I've got an email address and the customer service thing to do would have been to contact me through my email.

    Would have been lees of a 1% pouch back and more of the regular guy you clam to be taking care of what takes care of him.       

    Handle business like a business man, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, your pets are not helping.

  11. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    So, you were having trouble posting a hub.  Or have trouble passing QAP?

    If you want help, try just asking for it.  It is less cathartic, but more effective.

    1. wilderness profile image98
      wildernessposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Judging from the posts made, probably the second guess.  Poor spelling, worse grammar and pure rant isn't likely to pass.