How to find issue id?

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    Educateurselfposted 4 years ago

    Because my google adsense account was disabled after the one apply and I am no longer to sign in to google adsense account to apply again that is why I have sent a appeal form to google adsense after the 15 hours they sent me a email:

    Thanks for contacting Google AdSense. This is an automated reply to let you know that we've received your appeal. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm your AdSense account with the information that you've provided.

    Please sign to your AdSense account and check the contact name, publisher ID, and AdSense login email within your account. Once you've done so, please visit … ion_appeal , make sure that the fields on the form correctly match those in your account, and resubmit your appeal.

    Thanks for your patience and cooperation.


    The Google AdSense Team

    Now on the appeal form I have write down my name, publisher id, changes that I have made, but I can't find the issue id. They said you get your issue id on your email that we have sent you. but there is no issue id, I have searched on google forums, and other places, but I can't find any helpful solution.
    Hope anyone of you know about this.