New Keyword Tool - Might Come in Handy

  1. queerlyobscure profile image83
    queerlyobscureposted 4 years ago

    Wordtracker have just come up with a new keyword tool called Scout.

    It's currently only a Google Chrome extension and a little tricky to install (there's an explanation on the page, which I'll link to at the end), but I've been playing with it this evening and it could have a lot of potential for hubbers. It grabs keywords from the site you're on to show you what they're getting traffic for. If you write hubs in an area you know a lot about - and therefore read a fair few webpages about - it could help you figure out what kinds of keywords to shoot for.

    You do have to sign up for the Wordtracker mailing list to get hold of it, but it's actually not a bad newsletter to get. It's free, too, so at worst you'll just have to hit delete and/or unsubscribe again. I haven't in 3+ years.

    Anyway, here's the post announcing it … cker-scout

    What do you think? Have you tried it? Will you?