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Hubber score of 85 for do follow links

  1. LeanMan profile image86
    LeanManposted 4 years ago

    For those that have missed the information buried in the other forums the minimum score for gaining do follow links on your pages is now 85, with my hubber score having plummeted to a mere 80 for some reason (I must be a terrible person and hubber) it means that I no longer gain the benefit of followed links.
    Maybe someone from HP can explain to us exactly how the hubber score really works because I have no idea why I have an 80 - I have more than a hundred hubs, all but 1 are featured and most of them receive (or did!) good traffic. I contribute in the forums, I comment on other peoples hubs (occasionally) and I think my work is in reasonable English (Although it can be tough having been born in the country that came up with the language; I still want to use "u" next to an "o" and "s" instead of "z"!!!) I update hubs from time to time, although I have not added any more for a while, I don't see the point at the moment until things settle down!!

    Please please HP tell us what affects the score and specifically why mine is so low below the new level required - what did i do wrong? Do I have to many amazon capsules, too many external links, write funny, support the wrong people in the forums??

    Maybe some of the other hubbers can tell me what they think is wrong with my account to have a low hubber score, because based on previous experience I don't expect an answer from HP!

    1. PoeticPhilosophy profile image81
      PoeticPhilosophyposted 4 years ago

      You definitely deserve a score in the 90's or maybe even 100! But the problem might be "creating" forums. When you start to create forums your score goes up, I noticed this when I saw my score dramatically drop down from 92 to 84 I couldn't get it back up.. Then when I started posting my own forums and answering people's question's on the question page my score has been rising.. Also it could be that you haven't made any new hubs for a while. But regardless I think people know ur due and ur a good hubber LeanMan, all the best smile.

    2. earner profile image86
      earnerposted 4 years ago

      Cheers for this ... I guess it's to stop people like me s0dding off elsewhere and abandoning ship as we have to write/interact and drive traffic to keep our score high smile

      75 was a bit "too achievable", you just needed a couple of hubs, a few visitors and a pulse.

    3. LeanMan profile image86
      LeanManposted 4 years ago

      Not yet seen a reply from anyone on HP to give any indication as to why my personal score is so low as I am fairly active on the site and don't have hubs unfeatured due to quality although they are starting to be unfeatured due to engagement because of the downturn in traffic.. Maybe someone just does not like me!!

      Just thinking about the no following of my links, I am guessing that this will also affect all of my internal linking within hubpages so each of my pages is going to lose the links between themselves and this will likely cause my traffic to decline even further.... a vicious circle...So HP will lose even more traffic as will I...