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Hiding news stories

  1. mrblueishmouvesky profile image48
    mrblueishmouveskyposted 4 years ago

    Think your "hide" tech needs a little looking at, I posted a while ago on the forum for the first time explaining that the spellcheck stops working after you ignore a word and no way to turn it back on, after that my news feed on the front page has been a delluge of forum posts, especially about very dull stuff like "I've written my best hub ever, why isn't it featured?" over and over again plus loads of "I'm only making x amount of money" type dross.

    As pretty much anything and all of this is already covered in the forum, at length, I usually try to "ignore" the posters and the posts.  However as soon as another reply is added, up it pops again, so even if one has hidden both the forum post from one's newsfeed once, twice, five times and the author of the forum post, it still appears. 

    I like my newsfeed, it often has interesting articles / hubs to glance at or read, be nice if it hadn't seemingly turned into an unwinnable war of pressing the "hide" button like whack-a-mole on the same dull forum posts everytime it refreshes.

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image75
      Matthew Meyerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The system tries to show you content in your Feed that is of interest to you.
      Much of this is determined by how you interact with the site.
      Since you posted to the forums, the system showed you more forums threads.
      If you click the "filters" option you can also see more granular controls.
      You can also alter what you see in your Feed using the settings here.
      Make sure to unfollow any forum topics that you do not wish to see feed notices regarding.

      1. mrblueishmouvesky profile image48
        mrblueishmouveskyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Aye, I'm not complaining about having many forum posts showing.  What I mean is when you have say a story "How do I make more money on here?" by bob93, then say you click "hide story".  Then you write say a reply on question on the forum, and go back to your homepage and sarah81 has replied to the story by bob93 and it's top of the newsfeed again, and the same for if try "hide all by bob93"

  2. mrblueishmouvesky profile image48
    mrblueishmouveskyposted 4 years ago

    So if like say your top 5 stories are all forum posts you've very little interest in, if you click "hide", "hide", "hide" on all of them, then chances are in half hour or so your newsfeed will be most of the 5 back again with new replies.

    1. mrblueishmouvesky profile image48
      mrblueishmouveskyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry if anyone by random chance happens to have this very forum post on their newsfeed and is trying to "hide" it smile