Need Your Suggestions for Good Blog and Site Links to Place on my Blog

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    Denny Lyonposted 9 years ago

    I know. I know. So, yell at me.  I’m a statistical anomaly:  a writer who likes to promote my fellow writers and poets as much as myself.  Call me weird.  Really doesn’t matter.  Basically, I’m “on a mission from God with a carton of cigarettes and a half tank of gas” in the car like in the old and funny movie The Blues Brothers.  (OK, so I don’t smoke. Details, details…) Of great concern to me for many years is that my fellow Americans are tanking in the education department, especially in the areas of health, poetry, math and science.  Don’t get me started on social skills.  Another day.

    The many blogs idea came from reading all kinds of goodies from my fellow writers on HubPages in particular.  I wanted to share them on more than one social site or two and bookmark them into a meaningful place in their context other than a lame folder.  The easy solution was to create blogs that fit the niches of my personal reading interest as well as educational for the general public. 

    Hopefully, other blogs like this will spring up, cataloging some damn good writing and interesting reading from fellow writers as well as the blogger’s writing.  I’ve evolved my blogging into writing a short review/sales pitch, place a photo from my friends over at flickr that I also like to help promote, and give the link back to HubPages or their blog for the author.  Every now and then I even blog my own work - which felt a bit weird at first but I got over it in time.

    There are a lot of readers as well as writers on HubPages.  I’m requesting you place some of what you run across as you read on the internet here.  I’ve been sifting through a lot of blogs that is like kissing a lot of frogs before you find the prince.  Your help would be greatly appreciated and English language too.  (Apologies to my international friends but Americans are notoriously lacking in the department of learning second languages.)

    Also, do you know of some good sites you think would be helpful too?  Remember:  I’m slanting these blogs for the general public to help introduce them gently into learning or re-learning about the various subjects.  The idea is to excite their minds.  Beginner and intermediate sites/blogs are the focus. 

    Here are the various areas of interest:

    Life Coaching
    Alternative Health
    Positive Thinking
    Spiritual (includes Western and Eastern mysticism)
    Earth Sciences
    Politics (not the ranters - people with more brains than visceral who give logical reasonable non-histrionic arguments for either side)
    Math of all kinds
    Fine Art

    Thanks for your help everyone!  And thanks, too, to those of you I’ve already used the Blog This button to link your hubs to my blogs.  What a great feature!