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Hello from Jo

  1. JoWelsh profile image62
    JoWelshposted 4 years ago

    Hi, I thought I would say hello. I'm Jo, I live in the UK and I've made a few hubs recently. In fact I just got nominated as a Rising Star candidate for one of my hubs in the Food and Cooking category.  I look forward to spending more time on this forum and getting to know you all smile

    1. Will Apse profile image92
      Will Apseposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      This is a bit of a slow period, I reckon. Would you like to chat with the guy thinking of moving some files on his computer?

    2. Susana S profile image97
      Susana Sposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Jo:) Welcome!

      You'll tend to find that the forums are a bit quiet during our (UK) daytime as the majority of hubbers are in the US.

      Congrats on your rising star award smile

  2. JoWelsh profile image62
    JoWelshposted 4 years ago

    Thanks for the welcomes. Seems you are right about the forums being quiet smile