humingbirds flocking to HubPages

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    epsonok0posted 3 years ago

    Just a guess but I think I figured out the basics of Humingbird. Correct me if I am wrong and yes, I know its been covered a million times.
    In the past google relied on keywords in a search query.
    1. How this applies to a heavily visited hub.
    Mentioning Golden Girls once in title gets a few views. Mentioning the exact same about 15 times through hub means more visitors.
    2. How to max. Cover the keywords that would be searched for in the hub and google takes it as more relevant.

    1. Associates verb meanings and word associations to distribute a score to different word groupings in a query and then matches that to a series of score cards that are in the Google database. Delivering what Google thinks is a more accurate series of results.
    2. I have no idea what this means for HubPages except that all the data sights say that if you want a better ranking you have to edit the HTML to direct the crawlers more efficiently through your website. And Hub Pages does not offer that.

    Do I have that right. And if so, how do we use Humingbird to our advantage for views?

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      jasonstover9posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      If you write good content then advertise your self you should not have much of a problem. Of course i am new but I have been on other sites.