1. Janey Hood profile image78
    Janey Hoodposted 4 years ago

    Good morning.
    I have read that  there are benefits to some Hubs if they are not linked to both the Ad program and Adsense.

    I am not very clear on how this works, and would appreciate clarification. Also, if Hubs could benefit from being unlinked to Adsense, which I suspect mine might, how can this be done?

    I have tried to search this topic, but the more I read the more confused I become!

    Thank you

    1. Marisa Wright profile image97
      Marisa Wrightposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I have no idea what that could be about.

      If you "unlink" your HubPages account from Adsense, you cannot make any money at all here - Adsense is a prerequisite for the HP Earnings Program. (Well, strictly speaking you could earn from Amazon, but earnings are not high).

      What you can do, is choose whether to show HP Ads or not.  You can switch them on and off, at will.

      If you show HP Ads, your Hub will display only one Adsense ad - so you'll make virtually nothing from Adsense. However, most people find the income from HP Ads more than compensates for the loss of Adsense income.

      The other thing you can do is choose to switch off ALL ads on an individual Hub.  You won't earn any money, of course.  The feature is there in case you're worried about whether your subject isn't acceptable to Adsense.