Ironic Ads after you publish a hub

  1. merej99 profile image81
    merej99posted 3 years ago

    So...   I made a hub about eating disorders and ads were disabled because of the delicate nature of some of the pictures.  I accept that because I'm not changing anything but now the ads on my profiles page are all meal plans.

    Okay, okay - I have a few recipes too * BUT * I didn't start getting food ads until after I published the other hub...And maybe I just wanted to start a new discussion too.  LOL

    Have you found any "ironic" ads on your pages or profiles?

    1. Marie Flint profile image88
      Marie Flintposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      My understanding, Merej, is that if you have done any browsing to shop for items (you don't actually have to buy anything), the cookies on your computer will recreate product pictures to remind you of your shopping interests. Other people don't necessarily see the same ads on your hubs and profile when they view. So, try clearing your cookie history under Internet Options to see if that clears all those redundant ads your seeing. Turning "ADS OFF" is a last resort. I only use this when I see that the ads are totally inappropriate for the article because the system clued onto a secondary key word. I hope this helps! --Marie