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Increasing Your Hubpage Traffic

  1. romper20 profile image84
    romper20posted 4 years ago

    Here are some personal tips to increase your hubpages Traffic.

    1. Engage your readers with rich and unique content.
    2. Add appropriate photos and videos to improve hub appearance.
    3. Share your comments, questions, and concerns with the Hubpages community.
    4. Use grappling headings & titles to attract readers.
    5. Look for corrections or improvements before and after your hub is published.
    6. Track your "stats" and find out who is finding you and how.
    7. Look up your Hub in Google search page and see how its presented. (If you dont like the way its presented tweak around with the content under your "edit" tab.

    Comments? Please share your tips! smile

    1. Cardisa profile image92
      Cardisaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      How does your list relate to increasing traffic?

      People have this misconception about writing online and many people are still using as you said "Use grappling headings & titles to attract readers".

      Writing for online audiences is totally different from writing for print. When writing for print your headlines and titles are what attract readers. Writing for online audiences is totally different. Your titles do not have to be grappling, what they need to be is search friendly.

      You have not mentioned once how people are going to find this beautiful hub you've written with all the best photos and grappling title, and that is the key to getting traffic. You must write what people are searching for. If no one is searching for your subject then no one will find it and that is the key to traffic.

      Your title and content must contain keywords and not necessarily be the most dynamic title. Your list is all good and well for monitoring  and maintaining your hubs but not for getting more traffic.

  2. Kathleen Odenthal profile image93
    Kathleen Odenthalposted 4 years ago

    thanks for this!

    1. romper20 profile image84
      romper20posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      your welcome!

      1. mochirajackson profile image60
        mochirajacksonposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Hi there,
        I have written several hubs lately and I have checked my traffic sources and noticed that most of my views are from hubpages and 2 are from Bing.

        I haven't really done any keyword research, or anything like that, when I have been creating titles, but I thought that my titles were OK.

        I have been here just over two weeks and I was wondering if anyone knows when a newbie should start to see traffic from google and other major search engines?