Please Suggest :- How to make useful hubpage

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    neerajv95posted 3 years ago

    Hell All Friend's
    My name is neeraj, I'm currently witting 3 to 4 hubs, and I have just written my first two hubs and would like some suggestions for these, and for writing hubs in general. I would especially appreciate help on layout--usually I do okay in layout for print and normal web pages, but this is a little different.

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    Millionaire Tipsposted 3 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages.  You're off to a great start.

    I looked at your hub "How to Managing the Pregnant Women". First of all, I would suggest changing the title, since it it grammatically correct.  Manage would work better grammatically, but that sounds like a hub that would be targeted to an employer. You also want to use the word exercise since that is what your hub is about.   How about "Managing Pregnant Women for the Exercise Instructor" or "Exercise Instructor's Guide to Managing Pregnant Women" or something like that?

    The layout is okay.  On the right, you have a text capsule and two photos all in a row. As you scroll down, there are sections that don't have any eye candy to look at.   I would break them up and spread them out more.  If you create a separate text capsule for each section of your hub, you will have more flexibility and be able to keep your capsules that are on the right farther apart so they are more evenly distributed.

    I also suggest an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.  It makes it easier to tell people what the hub is about so they know whether it is worth reading, and helps Google find the hub too.

    I would also recommend having something more enticing on the first right hand capsule than a text capsule.  The text capsule competes for attention. I would either not put a capsule there so that an ad can go there or add a picture to make the article more attractive.

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    neerajv95posted 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for information.. !!