Squidoo Transition Forum FAQ - Please read before posting!

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    Marina Lazarevicposted 3 years ago

    Hello, new Hubbers! We are beginning the import process today (9/2/2014) with a small batch of opt-in users and intend to ramp up over the next few days.

    Please use this Forum only for:
    1. Reporting technical issues related to the Squidoo content import.
    2. Asking questions related to the Squidoo content import.

    When reporting bugs, be as descriptive as possible and include the URL of the Hub where you noticed the problem. Screenshots help, too!

    Before posting an issue in this thread

    1. Read the Squidoo Transition FAQ as your issue may already be addressed there.
    2. Check the existing threads in this Forum to make sure your issue was not already reported by someone else. Duplicate threads will be deleted.

    Please note that if we find any major bugs, we may reimport the affected Hubs. The best course of action to take is to edit your Hubs and make them just they way you want.  Once a Hub is edited, it won't be reimported, so your work will be preserved. 

    We apologize for any problems you are experiencing, and will work to get them resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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