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Original Publish Date on Locked Lens - eeek!

  1. Lionrhod profile image81
    Lionrhodposted 3 years ago

    During the time my computer was out sick, my very first ever lens that I wrote on Squidoo was somehow Locked (while still on Squidoo) and unpublished.

    It's my page on the Scary Death Card.

    I have no idea what they found objectionable about it - it had been receiving positive comments since I'd published it. Maybe a filter came across the word "suicide."

    When I came back here and found that we'd moved (not yet realizing the lens had been locked, but certainly wondering what glitch had unpublished it) the first thing I did was fix that page for HP rules and republish.

    Yesterday, I read a notice that how nice, they were porting over our original published dates so that we could prove them in case of plagiarism.

    I woke up this morning and the realization hit me. My original publish date now shows 9/12/14 instead of the actual date, sometime around February. Is there some way to get this fixed?

    1. pauldeeds profile image
      pauldeedsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      While in practice it may help with more naive webmasters, filing a DMCA notice doesn't require that you prove that your version came first.   Your statement in good faith as such, and under penalty of perjury is sufficient.  Only if there is a counter notification and you decide to go to fight it in court, would you then be required to present your case.

      Most likely what you were seeing before you published that Hub was actually the date it was created on Squidoo, and not the date it was first published.  I believe we use that on unpublished Hubs, just so we have something to display.  We do have a record of those create dates, but we don't display them anywhere (since they don't mean much).  However, if some rare circumstance arrives that you need it for legal purposes, just let us know and we'll do what we can to help.

      1. Lionrhod profile image81
        Lionrhodposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks for answering. I'd already published the hub when I realized this situation. Previous to doing that I didn't take note of whether or not it even had a date listed. The date my account is showing as the publish date is the date when I re-published the hub here on HP, just a couple days ago. All my other hubs show the correct date when they were first published on Squidoo.

        I just double checked the original lens in edit mode and it shows me that the first comment was March 25, which may or may not have been the day or the day after I first published it. If not, it was probably only a few days after that. I did make a screen capture showing that date in case I ever need proof. The publish date might also be in the .xml file I downloaded, but I have no way of knowing.

        It is a relief to know that I can file a DMCA without having proof of my original publish date, but as you might guess, I really wish the hub was showing the original date of publication. I'm sure Squidoo has access to that, but I don't recall exactly what it was. One reason I'd like to clear it up is that when Squidoo finally takes things off their servers, that info will go away.

        Anyway, thanks so much for your help.

        LOL now to try and figure out why they locked that lens in the first place, so that I can figure out if there is actually a problem.

  2. relache profile image89
    relacheposted 3 years ago

    Because that content came over as "locked," HubPages viewed it as unpublished.  Only material that came over from live lenses had the publication dates preserved.

    1. Lionrhod profile image81
      Lionrhodposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Right, I understand that. Is there anything I can get them to do to show the true publish date?

      LOL I'm not even sure how to access that in Squidoo (my dasboard shows the last edited date). I do know that the first comment shows "six months ago."  (Glad that was at least captured!)

      1. neosurk profile image94
        neosurkposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        If you click on "Stats" for that lens, it shows the first published date as well. smile