Need to Know How to Get This Into Proper Hub Format...

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    KarenTBTENposted 3 years ago

    This is one of a handful of very similar lens-hubs that is in a similar situation right now: … reau-poems

    If I know what to do with this, I will have a better idea what to do with some others. The niche/group include audio reads of public domain poems, plus poetry analysis, lesson plans etc. I knew before they were transferred that they would be apt to run into filters because of links. I have my audio hosted on Audioboo, and I was afraid it wouldn't be a whitelisted site. Yep, most of my poetry pages now have little red skulls next to them with a message about links, and I think in many cases, it's Audioboo!

    I do have a related site/ blog where I could list all the Audioboo audio links for a particular page. I heard once that you weren't supposed to link to your own site, but evidently that's not always so. Should I put all the links for the hub on one external page? (I could eventually try hosting more audio on YouTube, but it can take a long time to upload video on a netbook, and anyway, I don't really know how to make video without using Animoto. It's not an immediate solution.)

    I also realized that on some pages, the link issue isn't just Audioboo. I think I have five or six links to Virginia Commonwealth University on this particular page. (They're links to different Thoreau resources, and in some cases, to the poems themselves.)

    Also, while no page is wearing any little "duplicate content" skull at this point, I feel a little worried. This page includes the text to two Thoreau poems. I was trying to remember why I included the whole text to a particular poem ("To my Brother") and I think it might have because I couldn't find a copy to link to. (You know how the "Google version" of a book will show up in search even though you can't read the whole book online? I think this was a case where I could find the text online in the Google edition of a book but didn't see a copy I could link to.) Should I worry that things like this will trip a filter?

    Anyway... I know that once I open a page to edit it, I have to do all the priority things at once. There are formatting issues, too. Suggestions would be much appreciated.