Broken unfollow links - Good news and deserved kudos for the Hubteam

  1. Rhonda Lytle profile image73
    Rhonda Lytleposted 3 years ago

    Like many former Squids, I've had some bumps along the way during this transition.  I would like to take this opportunity to shed light on something I see as a really good thing that happened today.

    I had been having issues with no follow links not working and my email getting bombed with updates to forums.  I emailed the Hub Team really not expecting any resolution to the problem much less an actual answer.

    I'm happy to report I was wrong.  The Hub Team responded to my concern with an email that was not an automatic form generated acknowledgement but an actual real person typed answer that gave me alternative ways complete with links.  The fact that the team actually responded with a fix means a lot and I greatly appreciate it.

    Many, myself included, have had serious reservations since the traffic plunge that recently occurred.  A real person addressing concerns in a viable manner earns many respect points in my eyes and gives me cause to think other problems are being looked at too.

    Thank you Hub Team smile   This has also made me think that perhaps the forums at times get a bit slanted.  We see problems all the time, of which there are many.  I have to wonder if perhaps there are not just as many good fixes going on. 

    Do you have a good fix experience?  Please share!