Image Issues --or is it Me?

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    HomeArtist1posted 3 years ago

    WOW, what an  insightful post, Paul made, today. I  feel rejuvenated and hopeful.

    My plan is to remove as many products from my hubs and only leave those necessary to make meaningful comparisons.

    I do have one major issue still left unanswered:

    I am concerned about how the photos don't work according to what readers web-wide expect. When readers click on a hub's photo, instead of being taken (as is the web's norm) to learn more about the issue/product, they get a confusing regurgitation of every image the hub has.

    It's been my experience with what I've learned writing on the web, is visitors won't take even two seconds to figure out what is going on. They want what they have come to expect and when it's not delivered, they leave.

    Is there a way to remove the "See all___ photos"  feature?

    I know I can add a link below the photo but that's not what visitors expect when they see the 'little hand;' they think it's going to take them where they can learn more, etc.  With speed  such a crucial factor on all web-user issues, I believe the site can be much improved by omitting this perplexing functionality.

    I hope It's just my own ignorance and I can turn that feature off but I can't find anything about it as yet.

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    LindaSmith1posted 3 years ago

    Where is the today's post from Paul?

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      HomeArtist1posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Here's the link, Linda. I hope I'm not breaking any rules but surely not. smile

      Of course you'll need to hit "latest posts" and scroll to Paul's yellow highlighted post. … ost2665454