I thought Squidoo people had 4 months before hubs got unfeatured

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  1. Shorebirdie profile image73
    Shorebirdieposted 9 years ago

    I have a hub that was moved here from Squidoo in September that I haven't touched at all.  But, now it's unfeatured due to lack of engagement.  I thought I had four months before stuff like that happened.

    1. Robin profile image86
      Robinposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Shorebirdie.  Here's the FAQ entry that explains the unfeatured status for lack of engagement on former lenses.   Making edits to your Hubs and republishing them should change their status back to Featured.  Welcome!  smile

      1. Elsie Hagley profile image70
        Elsie Hagleyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        That was supposed to be true.
        I have edited all mine since they were transferred from Squidoo and I'm having them come unfeatured because of lack of engagement (no views or comments).

        You can't make new hubs and keep them all active when you have a 175 hubs, after all I have only been here 2 months and doing my best to get them up to HubPages requirements, I feel I'm fighting a losing battle, becoming overwhelmed with stress trying to keep up with everything.roll

  2. LindaSmith1 profile image61
    LindaSmith1posted 9 years ago

    The best thing to do is simply edit the hub for hub pages, and let it go through QAP.  Complete the edit because once you start, it will no longer be part of the grace period. Or you can contact team@hubpages.com

  3. Dressage Husband profile image66
    Dressage Husbandposted 9 years ago

    I was going to refer you to the FAQ, but see that Robin beat me to it! Hope that all is good with you now?

  4. Kylyssa profile image90
    Kylyssaposted 9 years ago

    The lenshubs I've edited, including those edited to get featured after they became unfeatured for lack of engagement, have been fine afterward.  An edit immediately gets the hub a view or so (engagement) because the QAP process requires someone to read the hub.  The hub is then featured, sometimes in just a few hours but almost always within twenty-four hours in my experience. 

    Editing my unfeatured lenshubs has also brought their hubscores up because people grade them better than the automatic filters seem to.  It's also brought my hubber score up a bunch, too.  But better yet, it increases views to the hub.  Most of mine start getting at least a trickle of views that continues after a republish.

    All I've had to do on most of mine was to remove the artifacts from the move like the empty capsules with titles the move turned some widgets and some modules that don't exist on HubPages into.  Google probably doesn't much like those artifacts, either, and it's a very quick fix.

    I must have had an unconscious connection in my mind with HubPages "unfeatured" and Squidoo's "locked" because seeing lenshubs unfeatured was way more upsetting than it should have been when I first had a few.  I was conditioned to see "locked" as meaning unpublished and completely at the whim of Squidoo's incredibly lousy and buggy filters and incredibly overworked staff to get unlocked or not.

    Don't be afraid of editing; this isn't Squidoo.  The filters here are actually good and they only catch things actually wrong with hubs like broken links and such.  You have the power to get your hubs featured again and it isn't even difficult.  Not only that, but your unfeatured hubs are still published!

  5. Shorebirdie profile image73
    Shorebirdieposted 9 years ago

    Well, I've had unfeatured hubs before for the same reason, so I know how to fix them.  But, i was told that they would not be un-featured if they hadn't been touched at all for four months.  That was the point of this thread.  I hadn't touched that hub at all and it was unfeatured. 

    I know how to get it unfeatured.  I feel like a promise has been broken.

    1. Kylyssa profile image90
      Kylyssaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I thought the information said lenshubs would not be unfeatured for any violations except egregious violations during the four month grace period.  It didn't say that hubs would not be unfeatured for lack of engagement.  Lack of engagement isn't a violation.

  6. LindaSmith1 profile image61
    LindaSmith1posted 9 years ago

    Please note that the grace period does not protect Hubs from becoming unfeatured as part of the Quality Assessment Process (for both traffic and quality). All newly published and edited Hubs go through the QAP, but a Featured Hub that has not been edited may still become defeatured if it receives low ratings. (Hubs are periodically re-rated even if they have not been edited.) In contrast, any Featured Hub can become defeatured for traffic if it does not receive sufficient engagement in its allotted window.

    1. Shorebirdie profile image73
      Shorebirdieposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Oh OK, I get it now.  I never get any traffic here.  I don't even know why I am even trying to do anything here.  This is the only site where I don't get traffic to my writing.

      1. Nanciajohnson profile image69
        Nanciajohnsonposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I was just looking at all my "zeros" for my hubs and found your question in the forum.  Thank you for asking it as I also had unfeatured-engagement icons on several of mine, deleted some and ignored others.  All unfeatured icons are gone today.  I edited everyone of my hubs as soon as they were moved over from Squidoo.  I am doing a "wait and see" for HubPages but traffic and sales is just about nil which is discouraging to say the least.

        1. Dressage Husband profile image66
          Dressage Husbandposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          I am a bit fed up with former Squids complaining about loss of traffic. This is not Squidoo and it works differently here. You have more control over your own destiny being on a subdomain. This means you have to go out and direct traffic to your subdomain.

          Sure some traffic comes in via the homepage, but you won't get it unless your Hub is featured. I have seen a traffic increase at least 100% more than Squidoo. This did not happen instantly although I did get an early boost just after the transfer.

          It requires work to get there and it is not that hard just time consuming. Go through all of the links to Squidoo that you have set up and change them to be direct to Hubpages. Redirects hurt ranking! Edit all Lenses to make them into performing Hubs (it is easy as HP gives direction at the top right corner in edit mode).

          There are a lot of great Hubbers here already go out and comment on their Hubs and leave fan mail vote them up or down depending on your view of the quality. Read the great information in the forums. Learn and get better. Link to your Hubs from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. etc. Post the work of the best Hubbers here too.

          If you do that it will not be long before you realise that this is a much better site than Squidoo, there are a lot of friendly and informative Hubbers here who will help and who will reciprocate your actions, just do not spam rubbish and do not ask for a response. If you can do all of that honestly and well you will see more traffic and more importantly better earnings than you got from Squidoo.

          Go out there and show the Hubbers that we at Squidoo had our share of great writers too!

  7. LindaSmith1 profile image61
    LindaSmith1posted 9 years ago

    Shorebirdie: Now that is something I don't understand.  Why your content will do good on one site, but not another.

  8. profile image0
    Snakesmumposted 9 years ago

    Like Shorebirdie, I've had a few hubs un-featured for lack of engagement.   They've been hubs I haven't yet been able to edit since their arrival from Squidoo.

    Also not getting a lot of traffic to my hubs yet, so once they've been brought up to standard, I shall have to work on publicity.

    Shorebirdie, are you using Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, to try to get traffic?     

    This lack of engagement is going to be a problem, I think, for some of us.

    1. Dressage Husband profile image66
      Dressage Husbandposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I think a lot of former Squids are misunderstanding the Hubpages rules. An unfeatured Hub is still published it just will not be featured on the HQ page or on other Hubs on a similar nature or topic.

      This is different than Squidoo where Lenses were locked so no-one can see them. Unfeatured Hubs are still in the search engines they are just no longer being promoted by HQ. If you edit them the QAP starts over and they may become published and featured again. The visits from QAP people are enough to create engagement in the short term.

      Another way to keep the engagement level up is to rotate which lenses you feature from your profile. Hope that helps people.

      1. Shorebirdie profile image73
        Shorebirdieposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks.  That sounds like a good idea.

  9. Shorebirdie profile image73
    Shorebirdieposted 9 years ago

    Yes, I do post links on Pinterest, Facebook, etc, as I did on Squidoo, too. I have one or two "hot" hubs that get regular traffic, but not much for the other ones.  I get no traffic on any site from Pinterest.  I get some from Twitter and Facebook, but mostly I get traffic from Google.

    1. Dressage Husband profile image66
      Dressage Husbandposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Pinterest sends me quite a bit of traffic, the secret is catchy phrasing and great pictures! Also have boards for a lot of topics as that is how people find them. Use the topic like you do SEO  and use keywords as tags etc.

  10. Charito1962 profile image85
    Charito1962posted 9 years ago

    Hello. I haven’t been making hubs for the past 3 months because I’ve been very busy with my corporate full-time work. I was surprised to see 7 of my hubs unfeatured when they earned a lot of comments and views on Squidoo. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to edit them since I feel they’re good enough as they are. I’m concerned. What should I do to have them re-featured?

    1. Dressage Husband profile image66
      Dressage Husbandposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      There are a lot of differences and some of your posts likely got damaged in the transfer. Go through the worst and edit them to Hubpages standards the box at the right top corner will give hints. See my other comments on this thread and do as I did. See if you can get them featured again.

      Hubpages gives each article a period of time to prove itself, if the traffic does not meet their requirements they un-feature it. It is still there and viewable from external links, but if you do not edit it and go through QAP again it will not be linked as a similar Hub or get to be featured. The neat thing though is if you change it a little and go through QAP again it can be re-featured within 24 hours.

      HP expects us to drive traffic to our own subdomain from our own sites and social media etc. It also means that your SEO expertiise or lack of it really shows. Most of my Hubs rank well or better than they did at Squidoo, however I did find that removing any references to Squidoo in links really paid off. Squidoo seems to have been suffering from a Google penalty so get rid of those links ASAP.

      Edit all of your Hubs quickly to get them featured and then spend time on the worst or the best and work through them all to make them comply with HP standards and look better here. Much of the Squidoo formatting has been wrecked and they will all require some tender loving care. Stop wasting time on the forums and go get it done. Things will look a lot better once you have it done I promise!

  11. PaulGoodman67 profile image95
    PaulGoodman67posted 9 years ago

    Seriously, because HP works with subdomains, you are usually better off without the hubs that keep getting unpublished through non-engagement. 

    I mean, try to edit and improve if it's possible, but if that doesn't work, you might be better off letting them go.

    Bear in mind HPs recommendations on things like length, you should be going for 1200 - 1300 words for each hub.

  12. profile image0
    Snakesmumposted 9 years ago

    DressageHusband wrote:

    "It requires work to get there and it is not that hard just time consuming. Go through all of the links to Squidoo that you have set up and change them to be direct to Hubpages. Redirects hurt ranking! Edit all Lenses to make them into performing Hubs (it is easy as HP gives direction at the top right corner in edit mode)."

    I'm allergic to work!   :-)
    Yes, you are right, and I've been putting off doing this, but have decided to go straight over to Pinterest and start editing all those links from Squidoo.
    After that, I'll try and find all other links on other sites, and do something about those too.

    Thanks for the nudge!  :-)


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