Bing couldn't extract URLs from my Sitemap

  1. incomeguru profile image95
    incomeguruposted 3 years ago

    I submitted … meguru.xml as my sitemap on bing, it wasn’t accepted. Then I tried and it was accepted. However, after waiting for some hours I got this message “We weren't able to extract URLs from the sitemap or feed you submitted. Please verify that the sitemap is in a supported format, check it for errors, and resubmit the sitemap”. Is there suggestion on how to correct this error?

  2. ILoveLegosToo profile image78
    ILoveLegosTooposted 2 years ago

    If you click on the link you gave for the robots.txt file, you will find that hubpages has added a sitemap link that you can use.  Just make sure you pick up the hubs one and not the questions one. 

    This is a change in the last couple of months as they are no longer using the url and are correctly adding the file to your directory.

    Good luck.