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Any idea why my hub score just tanked?

  1. Terri Paajanen profile image81
    Terri Paajanenposted 10 years ago

    I posted a new hub yesterday on houseplants, and when I checked this morning it has a score of 12. It has a comment, 2 thumbs up and no thumbs down. It's only a day old but has gotten a couple of hits since I posted it. I can't see why it dropped like that. I've never seen that happen before.


    I can't figure it out....

  2. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    There was bug in the score processor over night that affected new hubs, you should start to see it rise now.  Sorry about that.

    1. Terri Paajanen profile image81
      Terri Paajanenposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Nearly gave me a heart attack  smile  I'm addicted to watching those little numbers going up.....

  3. C.M. Vanderlinden profile image65
    C.M. Vanderlindenposted 10 years ago

    I just took a look at it...I can't see any reason why it would tank like that. Good information, not  spammy....I  have no  idea. BTW....it's  got a hubscore  of  10  right now.

    I hope you get some answers soon. That is really weird. The only guess I can come up with is that it could have gotten snagged by the  duplicate content filter---not because you copied any of your info or anything, but because there are  so many websites out there about  houseplants, and  a lot of them tend to cover similar subject matter. Just a guess, and probably wrong :-) Either way, good  luck!