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4 months after transfer. Am I ready to apply again?

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    ideadesignsposted 3 years ago

    It's been 4 months since the transfer. I've been declined twice. The second application I did was last month (at 3 months). I thought I had fixed all my broken links and duplicated links (link used more than twice). I've deleted 30 pages (170 down to 140, I will delete more).

    • who's earning on my pages during our "wait" period? (I've lost 4 months so far!)
    • should I keep deleting and fixing before I apply for a 3rd time?
    • Do our hub scores matter for applying for AdSense? (half my hubs below 75, 14 are in the 57-65 range, 29+ unfeatured)
    (off topic) • One of my pages once had over 20,000 visits, it now says under 3,000 so what's up with that?

    Inside my google analytics under >Admin >property linking >adsense linking >click account >configure adsense - I did all that and has two green checks "select adsense property" and "link configuration"

    Under my Hubpages Earnings "External Affiliate Settings" my status is still "Association Disabled by You or by Google for TOS Violation". (wondering if removing my account from blogger 6+ months ago has anything to do with long wait. That or hub issues.)

    Thanks for your help!

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      Marcy Goodfleischposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hi, ideadesigns -

      You have some great topics on your hubs, and some recipes that look scrumptious.  I viewed a few of your hubs, and while I cannot speak for the staff or QAP, I did notice there's not a lot of text in the ones I viewed. Even recipe hubs should have more text than some of yours seem to have (at least, that's my understanding).

      Perhaps you could describe the main dish in each hub more thoroughly in the lead paragraph, or include a capsule with serving ideas (what foods to pair it with, special occasions to use the dish, etc.), or add a capsule to discuss recipe variations? Just listing those things in short sentences doesn't increase your word count that much - you can expand things by discussing them in more detail.

      Check the word count in each capsule with an Amazon ad - you need at LEAST 50 words per ad, and it's best to have only one ad per capsule.  That would be easy to address.

      There may be other issues that are holding things up - again, this is just something I noticed when I checked out a few of the hubs.  I didn't look at photo sources or attributions, or look for unrelated products.

      You've obviously put a lot of work into your hubs and you've made efforts to comply with the site's guidelines, so I hope whatever 'fixes' are needed will be simple for you to complete.

      Welcome to HubPages - I hope you get through this period of time and enjoy being part of our community!


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      Christy Kirwanposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hi ideadesigns,

      HubPages earns from the ads before you are signed up with AdSense (though most writers make very little money until they have been established on the site for several months anyway). HubScores are internal to HubPages and won't be considered by AdSense.

      But from the message you've received, I recommend taking a look at the AdSense Policies and checking your account for violations before re-applying. Do any of your Hubs deal with content prohibited by AdSense? Are you the legal copyright holder for all content on your Hubs (including images), or do you have permission from the copyright holders? Do your Hubs follow the Webmaster Quality Guidelines? These are some of the most common issues you may want to double check. Hope that helps!

    3. Marisa Wright profile image99
      Marisa Wrightposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      What do you mean about removing your account from Blogger? 

      You can only have ONE Adsense account.  If you already have one, that's the one you use on HubPages, whether you've used it recently or not.   If you had one and you chose to close it, I'm not sure where you stand on getting a new one.

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    psycheskinnerposted 3 years ago

    On what basis were your previous applications rejected?

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    ideadesignsposted 3 years ago

    Marcy, I agree with the text amount. A lot of my pages were spurred on at the request of Squidoo and my abilities to put out lenses fast, yes they had to be quality, but I think I barely got by on most! Thanks for the help on the food pages, I will try to do what you've suggested. I didn't know what a "capsule" was, I realize now it's a "module" (squid terms). Edit: I'm looking in to the words/capsules thing now on a detailed hub.
    • What do you mean "one ad per capsule"? I guess you mean one ad capsule per text capsule.

    Christy, Thanks for the info, I think I read that you can turn off ads if you don't want anyone (HubPages) earning what you could be, not sure whats best there. I guess they (HubPages) earn from amazon capsule links too. I read your links and they are very helpful. Image attribution and permission are extremely important!

    Marisa, I had blogger and AdSense for a short period. I looked at old emails and it says the "property" and "view" of my blogger site was deleted from my Google Analytics account. Can't find if I closed AdSense all together, but thought I did. I don't think AdSense showed active while I went through the HubPages process of applying for AdSense. After going through a tutorial on HubPages I fixed some things in my Google account/property and now it's showing green checks on AdSense. "AdSense - Actively linked. Receiving data." So it's active and linked to my main profile at HubPages.

    psycheskinner, First time was "Insufficient Content", second time "Site does not comply with Google policies". I will try to fix things.
    • In Google Analytics > View > View Settings - do you turn on "Site search Tracking"?
    • Did you enable Ecommerce (in View)?
    • Any other settings/enablings need to be done (like in property settings, etc)?
    • Hubpages allows 10 ad capsules, does that total ebay and amazon together?
    • You can only link twice to the same website, except for flickr?
    In summary, I'm not sure I'm ready to apply again, at least until I fix the capsules text amounts and go through each page for quality, again.  Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      If you sign up using your own Amazon Affiliate account, you will still earn from your Amazon Capsules without an AdSense account.

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        ideadesignsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Unless you live in a state that Amazon will not accept. smile

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          Christy Kirwanposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          Yes, that's true. Sorry to hear that. sad

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    ideadesignsposted 2 years ago

    Another 7 weeks of fixing and fixing and adding text, removing amazon, adding text. I haven't done all, but I have no violations.  I attempted today to retry Google. (not sure the wisdom in trying)
    Here's what I did  > My Earnings Settings > External Affiliate Settings  > Configure > Do you already have a Google AdSense account? > Yes >
    "Warning: It appears that your Google AdSense Account, with the publisher id ca-pub-xxxxxx is no longer associated with HubPages. Your application may have been rejected by Google, you may have refused the association with hubpages.com through the AdSense Third Party Access Page, or your previosuly approved account may have been disabled due to violations of the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions. You should not apply again with a different Google Account, as each person is only allowed to have a single Google AdSense Account. Please review Google's Disabled Account FAQ for further steps that you might take. If you have simply refused the association, you may be able to change that on the Google AdSense - Third Party Access page or by clicking "Next" below."
    > Next >  Select your Google Account > Yes Proceed to Sign in >
    >  "We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator for access."
    > Choose one of the following accounts to login to this service (won't let me)
    -- It will not allow me to go further. If I shut the window, I can access my Google account if I'm not going through hubpages.

    Any ideas?? I'm trying, I got a little fight left. Help!