Feedback Please on my Hub: Trouble Finding the Perfect Pet . . . .

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    jdb369posted 3 years ago

    I'd love for any feedback on my hub: "Trouble Finding the Perfect Pet for Your Family? Don't Give Up Your Search!" … our-Search

    This hub is my highest in terms of traffic but is also my second lowest in terms of hub score. I'm mainly doing hub pages as an outlet, as I still feel like I can make a difference for shelter pets. However, the fact that the score is so low is just bothering me, especially with it being my highest hub as far as traffic goes. Any advice?

    Thanks so much!

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    DrMark1961posted 3 years ago

    It looks fine so as long as it has good traffic I would not worry too much about the hub score. Here are a few suggestions though.
    You mention that the hub is already getting good traffic but I am wondering if you can attract more readers with a better title. I have read that Google searchers do not like question type titles, so I would change the first sentence to make it a statement. Is the second sentence even necessary?
    Try adding a poll to make the hub more interesting for the reader. You can ask for their experiences with the agencies you list, and also ask them to leave a comment at the bottom of the hub. People who have rescued like to talk about their experience, and if people stop to leave a comment it means they have read the entire hub and care enough about what they have read to let you know.
    The other suggestion concerns those Amazon capsules stuck at the end. You are unlikely to ever make a sale because the people reading that hub are not going to want to buy one of those books. They just look spammy stuck on there at the end, so either insert one into your hub or delete them both.
    Keep up the useful work!

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    jdb369posted 3 years ago

    Awesome. Thanks so much for the honesty and great feedback. I'll work on making some edits and changes. I really appreciate it. Would love to drive more traffic to that as well since it's a topic I'm very passionate about.