feelings and people who step on them.

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    ttreiddposted 8 years ago

    i think we as people in general over step our boundsby not respecting our self as well as each other we all have done it itcanbe three things either you didnt realize oryou wernt thinking or maybe you dont care we all want to belong but it just dosent work out that way learning to except the way life is well to me thats boring you have to spice it up what i mean is if you have a favorite blouse or own afavorite nail polish now isthe time to bring both of them together you wonder where im going with this its simple be your self nonthing feels more better than being you thats why we were all born different that is the way we were ment to be so try being you the person you are at home relax we only have one life live it im living mines  a note to every one who reads this im a new member and i whould love to meet every one oh i almost forgot you have to go through to get through.

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      Tamarii2posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      The best way to get through is to forgive that person.By releasing that emotional wound. Lots of times we do not realize how deep the wound can be so we must release it so we get a special healing from God.