Crazyerrorland [dot] com and Family - Question for HubPages

  1. Fiction Teller profile image61
    Fiction Tellerposted 2 years ago

    With the latest plunge, I've been browsing Google Webmaster Tools in an effort to do something besides panic.

    I saw that one of my subdomains has thousands of links to a handful of my pages from the apparent spam site, crazyerrorland[dot]com.  (The website was mentioned in another thread about 7 months ago here.) But that's just the beginning - there are many spammy domains listed, each with thousands or hundreds of bogus links to my subdomain. When you try to go to the pages that link, they are almost always error pages with messages like "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded."


    1) Why do these links appear on Webmaster tools at all, as the websites do not seem to be functioning?

    2) Are they doing harm?

    3) Is it appropriate/safe to use Google's disavowal tool to remove the links?

    4) Should HubPages do something about this from their end?

    Thanks to anybody in the know!