How can i improve my hubs and traffic to them

  1. jaanu01 profile image81
    jaanu01posted 22 months ago

    I'd like improve quality and traffic to my hubs and also improve no of followers. Will you please give feedback on my Hub  What can I do to improve? Thanks!

    for example … avoid-them … ose-weight

  2. LeanMan profile image82
    LeanManposted 22 months ago

    A few things.....

    Unfortunately your English is very poor and you will probably find that your hubs will get unfeatured due to the quality of your writing.

    Unrelated amazon problems will also get you unfeatured, a phone charger is not related to the content of your hub about driving even if it can be used in the car.

    Weight loss is a highly saturated subject area and you will find it next to impossible to rank for it..

    Otherwise good luck..