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Ownership of Content After Deletion from HubPages?

  1. itoldyouiwassick profile image72
    itoldyouiwassickposted 22 months ago


    I want to take down my content and delete my account. I would much rather my articles be on my own website than here, where they're not making any money.

    If I delete my account, how long will it take for the URLs to stop showing up on Google (cached pages and such), and I can use the articles on my own account without a Google penalty?

    I'm assuming I own my content and can do with it what I like once I delete it from HubPages, but I didn't know if maybe I should wait for a few weeks to a month before I post them on my own site.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Marisa Wright profile image92
      Marisa Wrightposted 22 months ago in reply to this

      Yes, your content is yours and you can do what you like with it once deleted.

      The first thing I would do is run all your Hubs through Copyscape or a similar program (there is a small cost), to make sure none of them have been stolen.  If you delete a Hub that's been stolen, you won't be able to prove that you're the original writer - you'll need to deal with the thief and get the stolen content removed first.

      Google will not penalise you for re-using your articles, it's a bit of a myth. It's true that when Google sees two copies of an article, it will choose one and ignore the other - but that's only temporary.  Once your Hub has disappeared, the issue will go away.   So you can go ahead and put them on your blog immediately - though you might like to schedule them to appear one by one, a few days apart, to give Google the impression your blog is very active.

      1. NateB11 profile image93
        NateB11posted 22 months ago in reply to this

        +1 on that duplicate content myth. I've been thinking about that for years, sort of biting my tongue when the issue comes up on forums.

        1. justholidays profile image75
          justholidaysposted 22 months ago in reply to this


  2. DrMark1961 profile image92
    DrMark1961posted 22 months ago

    Jaime, how do you plan to monetize your website?

  3. Maffew James profile image94
    Maffew Jamesposted 22 months ago

    To remove them quickly, add the URL to Webmaster Tools and use the 'remove URL' tool to have it removed from Google's index. You have to repeat this for each page because content is no longer within subdomains. Delete it from HubPages, post to your own website, and wait for Google to crawl and index it in the new location. Do ensure you follow Marisa's advice to check for plagiarism first however.

  4. rajan jolly profile image90
    rajan jollyposted 22 months ago

    Google removes the post in 24 hours mostly so you can republish your deleted article after a day. I have done it n number of times and it's been ok.

    Just make sure you use the Google URL/Content removal tool. you just need to paste the current hubpages url in it and push the request removal button once you delete the article from hubpages.

  5. itoldyouiwassick profile image72
    itoldyouiwassickposted 22 months ago

    Thank you so much for the help. I appreciate it. smile