Subcategories in Books too limited

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    Lemming13posted 2 years ago

    This question may have been raised before but I can't find anything relevant using the search engine, so I apologise if I'm treading old ground.  I just wanted to know why there are so few subcategories in the Books and Writing section.  I know the subject of Humour has been raised as either a main category or subcategory, but I'm a horror fan and I have a couple of horror related literature hubs that are just lost in the huge category of fiction.  Come to that, is there a subcategory for horror games in the Videogaming section, or for horror movies?  If not, I'd like to suggest adding them - I know dozens of horror fans in real life, and I expect there are vastly more of us on here.

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      Christy Kirwanposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Lemming,

      You can find the horror section for Books, Literature & Writing here:

      Horror Video Games is here: … games/6898

      And Horror & Monster Movies here: … ovies/6047

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    Lemming13posted 2 years ago

    Well, obviously I didn't look hard enough! Thanks for the information, much appreciated.