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Hub Hopping Shows New Hubs are Over promotional

  1. Stacie L profile image88
    Stacie Lposted 22 months ago

    I have tried to hop some new hubs recently and noticed most are over saturated with amazon ads and excessive links.
    Doesn't hp have an automated message pop up when they submit the new hubs or maybe it should.
    I can't find a way to report this.The older system allowed some comments that may be more helpful.

    1. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Hubs can appear in the Hopper that have not yet passed the QAP, so it's likely that those Hubs will be automatically removed upon review.

      1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image100
        TIMETRAVELER2posted 22 months agoin reply to this

        Could you please share info as to what constitutes "overly promotional".  Someone here is very upset about having this designation placed on one of her hubs an cannot understand what the problem is.  I'd like to know, myself.  Thanks.

      2. psycheskinner profile image84
        psycheskinnerposted 22 months agoin reply to this

        Perhaps that should be changed so hoppers are not wasting their efforts?

  2. Marisa Wright profile image99
    Marisa Wrightposted 22 months ago

    The definition is very simple. 

    One possibility is that it has two or more links to the same domain.

    Another possibility is that it has a link or links to a prohibited domain (e.g. Clickbank).

    The third possibility is that it appears to be written solely to promote a business or website.

  3. Stacie L profile image88
    Stacie Lposted 22 months ago

    Some of the hubs were loaded with ads, and others were only photos. Yes, some did have many links to other sites to buy something.
    I see so many new hubs that are disguised as an ad for their company. hmm