New format of long winded URLs - yuck

  1. GetFactsnotHype profile image83
    GetFactsnotHypeposted 17 months ago

    When starting a new Hub, it asks the name of the permalink (URL) and of course you can change the title later once the initial info is saved.  But I can't get past the initial info.  The first 3 questions are:  URL, categories/ subcategories, and what type of template or basic article.  It says for URL, 120 characters/ spaces or less and I want less.  It has been known for some time that Yahoo doesn't like the index LONGnnng winded URLs.  They do it, but they don't rank that well particularly if you aren't a huge company like New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, etc etc, so I do NOT want a long URL and you site now forces that.  I have gone from 30 characters (not including the stuff to 45 characters and still it says the URL is too short, please add.  When I clicked on the upper right for "simplified", it will let me possibly do something there, but won't allow all the links, pictures, modules, etc  Note yahoo doesn't index most things beyond 46 character spaces.  This is a bad move for HubPages, and I don't want to create a run-on title that takes 1 minute plus to type.  What gives?

  2. earner profile image88
    earnerposted 17 months ago

    I had no idea of any restrictions etc ... and today I just wrote some new hubs and I've just been back and the shortest title I've used is 36 characters (inc spaces) and that didn't try to stop me.

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    calculus-geometryposted 17 months ago

    The title has to be 120 characters or less.  The url can be anything that isn't already taken. There are plenty of concise urls in use on hubpages, for example