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    Anita Haschposted 14 months ago

    I hope somebody can help me with this. Have tried myself for about 2 hours with no luck. I have google analytics account with hubpages. I now want to place tracking codes on 10 articles that I have at This site has been monetized with adsense for about 2 months. Adverts are on all the articles. When I go to google analytics they give me the following message.
    You can only link your adsense account to one google analytics account at a time. Below is part of a report on my aloe article.
    aloe article has 1209- views at present.
    Estimated earnings              Pg Views                                          Page RPM     
    ZAR 0.31                               57                                                   ZAR5.41
    (red)-ZAR4.73(-94%)           +27(+90%)typed in green               -ZAR162.74(-97%)typed in red

    Report type-Platforms + add        pg views        impressions         clicks          page RPM
    overview estimated                 
    ZAR0.31                                         57                   290                      0                 ZAR5.41

    Impression              active views             If under my blog lists it says 1209- views why 57views

    ZAR1.06                     36.93%

    Report type -Platforms +add
    This makes no sense to me. Would appreciate it if somebody has the knowledge to help me. Can I
    add tracking codes on all the articles at blogspot?  Thanks

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      Anita Haschposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Hi, I think I have found the solution to my one problem, have to wait until after the end of the month.