would this short story be appropriate for hubpages?

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    Stevennix2001posted 15 months ago

    As some of you may know, I sometimes put together little comedy sketches in some of my film reviews, when appropriate.  This time, i would like to put something together for my "storks" movie review, and this is the short story that I would like to publish with my review of the film:

    Future Steven explains to his son about the birds and the bees.

    It was just another day at the Escareno household. Steven was quietly reading the newspaper, as his five year old son walked into the room. He looks at his father, with a curious look, and asked, "Where do babies come from daddy?"

    Before he could chime in, his wife immediately intervened. Putting him up onto her lap, while sitting next to Steven. She says with a smile, "Why they come from the stork silly." Junior asked a bit bewildered by his mother's response, "Stork?" His mother smiles happily, "That's right sweety. When a mommy and daddy want to have a baby, we just call on the stork delivery service, and that's how we ended up with you."

    Junior asks even more questions, as he's intrigued by this notion. "But where do the storks get the babies from?" The mother replies, "Well they're made in a factory, by the storks, where they use a little bit of magic to create the wonderful babies for mommies and daddies all over the world." She says grinning, as Steven rolls his eyes the whole time while reading his paper.

    The mother then says, "In fact, i can still remember the day when your father called the stork service. Isn't that right dear?" They both look at Steven, as he slowly puts down his paper, and then looks at her with a blank expression, and then looks at their son. He says with a stern voice. "Son...everything your momma told you is bulls***. Your daddy put his pee pee inside your mommy's vagina, which led to me shooting out sperm inside your momma, to create you. I don't know where your momma got all that stork crap from."

    Both Junior and Steven's wife looked at him stunned with their jaws wide open. Steven looks at his wife, as she starts to glare at him. "What? I ain't going to lie to the boy."

    The end.

    Would this short story be appropriate for hubpages?  And if you think it would be okay, then do you think it's funny?  I just came up with it recently, and I was hoping to get some feedback on it.  It's funny as hell to me, but i want to make sure everyone else will find it funny as well.  Thanks again for your time.