I'd like feedback on my Hub: A Look Back at One of Bernie Sanders Biggest Rallie

  1. Matt Costantino profile image79
    Matt Costantinoposted 10 months ago

    Hi Hubbers,

    I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my Hub A Look Back at One of Bernie Sanders Biggest Rallies (must be signed in to view). What can I do to improve? Thanks!

    1. theraggededge profile image95
      theraggededgeposted 10 months ago in reply to this

      Hi Matt,

      Make sure your photos are legal to use, i.e. CC licensed or in the Public Domain. Credit the source correctly in the image capsule. https://hubpageshelp.com/media/Learning … -image-use If they are your own photos then put your name in the image capsule.

      Use several text capsules so that you can add sub-headings to the text. This gives the article structure.

      Make sure all your hubs include the above.