I'd like a feedback on my hub: 4 Best Drama Films of All Time

  1. Haider Mama profile image92
    Haider Mamaposted 14 months ago

    Hi, good morning everybody. I am very happy that my hub is published (featured). But I want you to give me some feedback. It would be much appreciated if you provide some constructive feedback and tell me what do I need to do to make this hub, http://hubpages.com/entertainment/4-Bes … -All-Time, better.

    1. julieann26 profile image90
      julieann26posted 14 months agoin reply to this

      I took a look at your article and think you should retitle it to something more appropriate to something like "Four Good Drama Films Made After 1970" as there a plenty of better drama films made prior to 1970 that you could have listed e.g. Citizen Kane, All About Eve, Gone with the Wind.  Calling these films that you have listed the best of all time is a bit of stretch.

      Naming something the Best based on the criteria you have listed does not make sense.  Film budgets have no bearing on the quality of a film; bad or not-so-famous directors can make a great film; box office takings have no bearing (look at the bad films that have made tons of money e.g. Suicide Squad), and you can have bad actors in a great film.

      If you want to move it to ReelRundown, you may have to qualify your reasoning as to why you picked your films based on this criteria list.  Also, this sort of topic has been done to death by plenty of people who have more authority and knowledge about film history so it may get buried in search engines.