I would like a feedback on my hub?

  1. MuhammadAmeen89 profile image82
    MuhammadAmeen89posted 13 months ago

    I just finished updating my hub, do you guys think I should submit it to hubpage network site or does it need more work?

    1. chasmac profile image96
      chasmacposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      Unless it's checked by an editor who's never travelled anywhere, I don't think it will be accepted on a niche site in its present state for a couple of reasons:

      1. You haven't mentioned what type of visa. Depending on the destination country, the requirements for a tourist visa are very different to those for a business visa, spousal visa, study visa, retirement visa, etc.

      2. The requirements also differ greatly depending on which passport you hold. You're from Pakistan, and what you've written is no doubt correct for Pakistani passport holders (again depending on the type of visa and destination country), but for many other countries' passport holders, it's a very different situation. For example, as a British passport holder, I can get a visa for India far more easily than you can (despite India being your neighbour). I don't have to show most of what you've listed as requirements. For many other destination countries, a visa can even be obtained at the point of entry just by filling in a form. Again this depends on what passport you have.

      1. MuhammadAmeen89 profile image82
        MuhammadAmeen89posted 13 months agoin reply to this

        Thanks Chasmac, you are right. I did wrote this hub with Pakistan as the target audience. I should probably update this further to clearly mention that these requirements are for Pakistani passport holders