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What about the Bio

  1. Titia profile image94
    Titiaposted 11 months ago

    I had updated my hub Poems to my Mom and wanted to write a proper bio but there is this line that says that this bio is appearing in a xx number of hubs.

    Do I understand it right that you write bios for categories and not for a hub?
    So if I write a bio on a poetry hub, then all hubs in my poetry section get the same bio? Or a bio for a recipe, then all recipe hubs get the same bio?

    1. kenneth avery profile image85
      kenneth averyposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      smile Titia, I have a bio for regular hubs and one for my Abstract/Prose poetry. Write one for your poetry and if you like to write regular hubs, do one for them. Much success to you.

  2. Titia profile image94
    Titiaposted 11 months ago

    Well now I'm really confused. Aparently a bio is not for a category. Can someone explain the Bio (again) please.

  3. lobobrandon profile image90
    lobobrandonposted 11 months ago

    You can write a total of 25 unique bios. And you decide which bio goes to which hub. The same bio can go for all hubs or you can pick. Either way, you need to write a bio and pick hubs that you want the bio to show for. I don't think there's a way to pick by category, have not really checked this out myself.

    Bios are important for some categories where you can tell the people why you are an expert on the subject matter and why they should trust a word you say.

  4. Glenn Stok profile image100
    Glenn Stokposted 11 months ago

    You can create up to 25 individual bios and you can assign each one to any number of your hubs. It's up to you if you want to assign them by category or topic, but in either case the assignment is done by specifying the hub or hubs for each bio.

    In some cases you might want to make more than one bio for the same category if it fits better with specific hubs. But only one bio can be assigned to each hub.

    For example, I wrote 15 unique bios that I had assigned to my 112 Hubs. One of my hubs required a very specific bio so I wrote one just for that hub.

    The point is that you should take advantage of the flexibility so that your bios work well for each of your hubs. All you have to do is remember that the bio is meant to express author credibility.

    You can find the complete information about writing bios in the learning center at https://hubpageshelp.com/content/Learni … d_39247521

    1. Titia profile image94
      Titiaposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Ah, stupid me never hit the 'About the author' button in my account. Thanks Glenn.