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What do I do when someone is using my HubPages USERNAME to impersonate

  1. Nancy Owens profile image98
    Nancy Owensposted 11 months ago

    There a a couple of websites that seem to be impersonating me using my HubPages User Name.

    When I go to these sites, I find they are NOT linking to my articles. They are using my name basically as the author of what looks to be content copied from various sources on the web and badly translated into English. The images look to be taken from various other websites as well.

    I am very worried that both my name and the HubPages name are not being used legally, but not sure this falls under copyright infringement. I looked through the help and copyright reporting processes for HubPages, but not sure if it falls in that category.

    Has anybody out there had this experience? I am the only "Nancy Owens on HubPages" as far as I know. And that is what the header says above each "article".

    You can copy the addresses and see for yourself what they are doing: http://wupnet.net/nancy-owens-on-hubpages.html  and the other one is http://www.currywurstnyc.com/?s=nancy+owens+on+hubpages

  2. WryLilt profile image92
    WryLiltposted 11 months ago

    This happens to me from time to time. Since they're only listing 1-2 sentences of your original content and not using the same title, I don't think they do much other than hurt your reputation. Is anyone Googling your name, personally? If not, it may not be worth too much effort to have them removed. I find in most cases this type of spam disappears in a couple of months anyway.

    Hubpages is a place where a LOT of spammers find content for their spam sites. It's really common to have your content stolen. I personally no longer pursue it - there are at least 300 copies of my content out there. Unless they impact my Google rankings, I don't bother anymore.

    1. Nancy Owens profile image98
      Nancy Owensposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Hello, WryLilt... Thank you for your kind response. I was pretty shocked and creeped out. Does this mean I'm still a newbie after all these years?

      1. WryLilt profile image92
        WryLiltposted 11 months agoin reply to this

        No, it may mean that your username is getting so well known online that they try and create content mentioning you because you're so famous wink