Could someone please tell me ...

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    Motherhood Trialsposted 8 years ago

    Could anyone please tell me why there is an ad (that appears to be from google) on my new hub that says something about Hot-Girls on it? I thought I had read that this sort of material was not allowed here and my hub topic is about games to play w/your babies ! Hardly the "hot-girly" type of content. lol- Also, am I the only one who can see this or am I seeing what others are also seeing in these spaces. thanks for your help and also I would like it removed even if I am the only one that can see it... (we are having a very bad storm at the moment so I must unplug everything but will check back as soon as it all passes by..thanks again)!

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    bgpappaposted 8 years ago

    Google puts whatever ads it wants, kind of annoying.  However, it does "crawl" your page, eventually, and puts ads that related to what you wrote.  If they have nothing, they put the ads they haven't been able to place.

    If it makes you feel better my hub regarding Obama's first one hundred days has the same hot girls ad on it.

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    Motherhood Trialsposted 8 years ago

    Thank-you bgpappa, It does make me feel better to know that Im not the only one with this or that I did something wrong that caused it to appear. However it seems a bit wrong for a hubber who wants that kind of material on their site not to have it but the hubber who doesnt want it must tolerate it so that google may profit from it.hhhmmm. Please dont take me wrong,I am glad that it isnt allowed as far as hubs and so-forth, Im just saying that google shouldnt be able to place them on sites that do not welcome their content. And if they do show up,it would be nice for the publisher of the hub to have the option to remove it if he or she wished. Thanks for helping me to have a better understanding. BTW, that was an ugly storm that just past through but it would have made for some good sleep weather !