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I'd like feedback on my Hub: Turning your desktop transparent and futuristic cus

  1. ShaikhShafi profile image59
    ShaikhShafiposted 13 months ago

    Hi Hubbers,

    So... On the original article, they said it could be featured if i removed broken links and proofread. This is the updated version here, it could be featured but this time they didn't tell me what to fix. If i do it myself I'll end up wiring is all over again (bad habit) tongue halp. I'm guessing there's too many things to download i guess. I'll put them together then.

    I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my Hub Turning your desktop transparent and futuristic customizations! (must be signed in to view). What can I do to improve? Thanks!

    1. theraggededge profile image97
      theraggededgeposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      Having had a quick read through your hub... by the way are you 'Leetoponly' or Shaikh Shafi? Pick one and stick with it. As your HP user name is Shaikh Shafi, then that's the one to go with.

      Firstly, the idea of potentially causing 'serious issues' with my expensive laptop is enough to make me back out of the article straight away.

      I think you have a nice writing voice, however, there are too many 'I's in it. The writer's job is to deliver the information without putting too much of themselves into it.

      Remove all exclamation points. They are unnecessary and should be use sparingly - usually with such words as Wow! or Hey! Definitely not necessary in your article - you could leave the very last one, I suppose.

      Those links to files.fm might be causing a problem getting your hub through QAP. You are only supposed to have two outgoing links to the same domain. Can you provide a work-around? Where all the files necessary are in the same place so you only need one link?

      Hope that helps.

  2. ShaikhShafi profile image59
    ShaikhShafiposted 13 months ago

    I've done all I could. You can view the edited version with the same link I suppose. I've also transferred all download files to one link as "Desktop Customization Set"
    I've also removed exclamation marks and let two of them stay. I edited the steps and made several more text boxes and merged theme manager and theme into one box. I also edited the vistaglazz with new steps as I found out something was missing. The "it can cause serious issues" part was from my 2 year old post which I've turned into this one and let the risky part stay, but I've removed that now and rewrote everything. Let me know what else it needs, I really appreciate your help.

    1. theraggededge profile image97
      theraggededgeposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      Okay smile

      Now edit your title so that it is in Title Case. While you're doing that ask yourself what people are searching for. The current title is rather long, so how about simply "Windows: Transparent Desktop" or "How to Get a Transparent Desktop in Windows".

      This section:

      "I can give you the basic idea of what desktop customization can do.

      Desktop Customization makes your desktop look cooler, and you can also insert animations in your desktop. I haven't done much, but I'd still like to show you my current desktop."

      That doesn't make you sound much like an expert. You need to come across as authoritative and knowledgeable. If you aren't confident that these instructions are foolproof, then you shouldn't be writing a hub on the topic.

      So read through it, make those changes suggested, and then sit back and wait to see if the hub is published and featured.

      Good luck.

      1. ShaikhShafi profile image59
        ShaikhShafiposted 13 months agoin reply to this

        Really thanks. Bad habit strikes again and I end up writing that part all over again. I've hopefully done what you've been wanting me to. I'm not sure if that's exactly the sort of text that fits into the general idea of customization, but that's all I know at this point. I'd like to know if there's any chance that my hub isn't passing QAP because of the video that I've put in there? It's homemade and it's laggy on my PC.

        Thanks a lot, really. I'm not technically new here since my post was published 3 years ago. And It was nine pages long back then. I tried making it as compact as I could. I'm sorry for asking for more but could you look at it once again tongue please xD let me know what's missing.