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I'd like feedback on my Hub: Basics of WordPress?

  1. Dzejkejj profile image72
    Dzejkejjposted 11 months ago
    1. theraggededge profile image99
      theraggededgeposted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Hi there,

      You need to read the text aloud. You'll be able to pick up some of the grammatical errors... like this one, "It is true that some things can make sense of the whole site and do only skilled and trained, professional developer,"

      Your URL has a spelling error. It probably won't make much difference but be careful how you type it next time. You can't change it now without starting a new hub and moving everything over to it.

      You could try to tighten up the writing. There are too many words. Here's an example, "It serves to enable site owners easily and skillfully edit and maintain their own websites without any special training in programming."

      "It enables owners to edit and maintain their own site without any training or programming knowledge."

      You don't need all those empty adjectives - easily, skillfully, special. Look for words to cut out instead of adding and embellishing.

      This is wrong, "...there is a Wordpress plugin that creates virtually any type of website that you can think of." It suggests that there is a single plugin that will create a site. I know what you mean, but that's not what you are saying. How about, "Using plugins, you can create any kind of site you want." There's also one of those useless adjectives - 'virtually'. If the sentence makes sense without the adjective, take it out. Factual writing must be crisp and clear.

      I can pick out many more errors - you need to go over the text carefully. If you can, ask a friend to proofread it for you and make the corrections.

      Tip: Proofread before publishing.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Luke Holm profile image95
    Luke Holmposted 11 months ago

    Dzejkejj, your ideas are scattered.  Your grammar is off, making your audience have to fill in gaps and guess at what you are trying to say.  You say you went to school for journalism, yet it is very difficult to understand the progression of your ideas.  It's likely that you just need to spend more time with your hub, read it aloud to see where the gaps are, and ensure your ideas are broken up into clearly defined paragraphs.  Let's look at your bio, as an example of what I mean:

    "...I love writing since I was a little girl, so I went to school for journlalists and now I have a degree in journalisam. I write almost everything and beside earnings, I do this primerly because I love it and when you love something, the work is better and easier."

    This should probably read: I've had a passion for writing ever since I was a little girl.  I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be a professional writer, so I went to school for journalism.  I can write on almost any topic.  Aside from earnings, I write primarily because I love it.  When you love something, your work is always better and easier.

    You infer that you have a journalism degree, but you have spelling errors, mechanical errors, and comprehension errors within the first few sentences on your website.  Be careful, as this will be a detriment to your credibility as a writer.  Slow down.  Take your time.  Read what you've written aloud. Have someone else read your work aloud and see if they understand what you mean.  Make sure everything is perfect before your post it. 

    As for your hub, the same principles apply.  To make it more colorful, add some images and maybe a video at the end.  Above all, though, you need to fix the basics of your writing.  For example, your first error begins before you even start writing.  You should start your first sentence off with the word "Do," as you are asking your audience a question.

    Reread your second sentence, "Do you want an ability to easily and precisely, you or your associates can enter any important information on your site?"  What does this mean?  Clarify your ideas.  Your audience isn't in your head, so you need to make the connections obvious and easy to understand. 

    I hope this wasn't read as a harsh critique, but rather as a guide for improvement.  Don't give up.  Keep working at it.  Good luck smile

  3. Rupert Taylor profile image99
    Rupert Taylorposted 11 months ago

    There are issues here with grammar and some awkward phrasing.

    "You need a high-quality site where you can easily find your way to get all desired information? [This is not a question so does not need a question mark] Do you want an ability to easily and precisely, [for] you or your associates can enter any important information on your site? If you thought that you need [needed] something like serious computer knowledge or some of the basics of programming, you're wrong. It is true that some things can make sense of the whole site and do only skilled and trained, professional developer, but you must be able to continue to edit and supplement information on the site. [This is a very convoluted sentence and I'm not sure what it means other than perhaps sometimes you might need professional help. I could be wrong] Today, most of the supra-programmers {supra means above; I think the word you are looker for is super] often create sites in the so-called WordPress. If you are a regular user of the Internet, you've probably already heard of this concept.

    Try running your text through a free app such as Grammarly to help identify English language errors.

  4. lisavollrath profile image96
    lisavollrathposted 11 months ago

    I agree with what's been posted. Your English writing skills need work.

    While you're working on bettering your writing, you might want to find yourself an editor who is a native English speaker.

  5. Dzejkejj profile image72
    Dzejkejjposted 11 months ago

    I appreciate your suggestions and I know my grammar is off, but thank you for tips and everything.I'll try to fix it soon as possible.