Resubmitting to Owlcation. Help needed.

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    SakinaNasir53posted 8 months ago

    Hi, everyone! smile

    The following article of mine called Teaching English To An Arab Beginner is lined in the editing queue since a month. I wish to edit it myself and want to know what you think is missing in this hub (editors say it isn't up to the standards yet).

    Here's the link: … c-Beginner

    Thank you!

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    theraggededgeposted 8 months ago

    LOLOL! Bareness Virginia! big_smile A mother of three with no uterus. Wow. I've reported it so hopefully, it will disappear in a puff of smoke shortly.

    Anyway, Sakina...

    First of all, if it's possible, print out the text. Then read it aloud.

    Read through the introduction carefully. It's a little muddled with all those parentheses. Try to rewrite it so that its meaning is clear. I had to read it several times to work out what you were saying. You start by saying English isn't easy, then you move straight on to say that you aren't fluent in Arabic. Let me have a go at it...

    Imagine trying to teach English to an Arab-speaking student when you, yourself, can't speak Arabic. This was the case with my student, Bothyna. Fast forward two years and she is now in Grade Two, speaking English fluently. Let me explain how we managed, but first a little information about me.

    Then you can add a short explanation about your situation as an ESL teacher if you want, but don't try to fit it into the the intro.

    Then go on to the challenges.

    Hopefully, your reading out loud will pick up such things as this:

    "Pick up an object and show it to the student, taking its name in English." Speaking or saying its name.

    You've got the same image twice. I bet you've gone over and over this article so many times, you couldn't see it smile That's why reading out loud from a printed page helps with editing and errors in the text - it uses a different part of your brain.

    I won't go through the rest - to be honest it looks like an awesome article.

    Hope that helps, my dear.

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      SakinaNasir53posted 8 months agoin reply to this

      To be honest, I did quite get confused myself in explaining my situation. You've corrected and understood it very well.

      Thank you so much Bev for the help and corrections. You're right...we go over one hub so many times that we can't understand what we did wrong. I will correct my mistakes and hopefully send it back to Owlcation for consideration. smile Thanks for the encouragement, means a lot. smile