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Earned Income vs Received Income

  1. Garry Reed profile image97
    Garry Reedposted 9 months ago

    I’ve been writing for HubPages for 1 year now and I’m signed up for all of their income producing programs. As of July 10, 2017 I’ve EARNED the whopping total of <SNIPPED>.

    However, I have never ever RECEIVED a penny of it. Is there some earning threshold I have to meet before any of it shows up in my PayPal account or what?

    1. Marketing Merit profile image96
      Marketing Meritposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      Yes Garry, the threshold is $50.

    2. greenmind profile image96
      greenmindposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      Hey Garry -- don't despair! It's my experience that you kind of go along making basically nothing for a long time -- a couple of years, for me -- and then almost magically this or that article takes flight and you're making enough money to matter (at least in a small way). If I can offer any advice, it's to keep writing, keep producing, and keep updating. Add a small number of Amazon capsules/links. Study your stats on each hub -- there are often clues there about what people are looking for. Occasionally I search for my keywords just to see who my competition is. They call this income "passive," -- in my experience it's anything but.

  2. Jesse Drzal profile image97
    Jesse Drzalposted 9 months ago

    That's Hubpages 101. You should already know that.

  3. Garry Reed profile image97
    Garry Reedposted 9 months ago

    Thanks, I've been promising my readers for a long time "If you keep reading I'll keep writing." As for the comment "That's Hubpages 101. You should already know that" -- someone inevitably tells me that whenever I post a question. I've written for several other sites over the years and absolutely none of them has such a massively huge content as Hubpages Tutorials! It's easy for someone who "already knows that" to think that everyone else should know that. To me It's virtually impossible to "already know" and then remember everything. That's why I appreciate people who graciously answer my questions when I have one to ask.

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image97
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 9 months agoin reply to this

      Well said.

      As stated earlier, you have to earn a minimum of $50 before HP will pay you, and you always get paid the 28th of the month following the month where you reached payout.