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Am I a failure because of one bad hub?

  1. Ivan Hernandez profile image91
    Ivan Hernandezposted 3 months ago

    Am I a failure because I published one bad hub?

    Just this afternoon, I got a notification saying that one of my articles was overly promotional. That means that I did something wrong. So I fixed it. I hate when this happens. What do I do? Give up?

    1. Chriswillman90 profile image97
      Chriswillman90posted 3 months agoin reply to this

      You're a great writer, just keep going and you'll do fine.

  2. Patrick Patrick profile image81
    Patrick Patrickposted 3 months ago

    Not at all.  You just keep on writing. Every time you get a good idea, just write it and upload.

  3. k@ri profile image89
    k@riposted 3 months ago

    Don't give up!  You have good hubs also.  Some are on HealDove I see.  That's excellent!  Keep going.  smile

  4. Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image83
    Rhyme Vine Poetryposted 3 months ago

    This has happened to me, too. And, it probably has happened to a lot of writers, here, but we never know it because we only see the final result of their completed work. You are in no way a failure! Please don’t give up :-) You are an important part of Hubpage community. You do matter!