Tracking views?

  1. PaigePixel profile image88
    PaigePixelposted 3 months ago

    I'm a bit confused. I posted a new Hub a week or two ago, and let the paint representative who helped me know, and gave him a link so he could see it to make sure I got it right.

    In the meantime, it went through moderation, was featured and placed in one of the specialized sites. Not much traffic yet, but that's okay.

    Until today, when I saw the paint rep again. He shared the link within his company's huge internal social network earlier this week and asked about the traffic. He showed me several dozen messages about it, and those were just the people who chose to message him; he's heard from others, including his boss, in person.

    And yet my traffic says I've had 14 visitors total in the entire week. None of my referrals come from his company or any odd address.

    What would account for the disconnect? Does the fact that the original link was a standard Hub and is now inside dengarden change something? The original link still works, however.

    In case it matters, here is the link: … Ombre-Wall

    Thanks in advance!