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The problem with working online in the Philippines (just sharing)

  1. Mamerto profile image93
    Mamertoposted 5 weeks ago

    As a Filipino hubber who spends some times writing and promoting hubs online,  I have a major issue to deal with. The painfully slow internet. And when we mean slow, I mean really slow. In the past days I spent thirty minutes just to post a hub in Facebook. The internet kept hanging and it won't budge after five long minutes. I have to restart the modem just to get a connection. Ten minutes later and I'm in Facebook, but it won't be fully functional until ten minutes. Lastly is the trouble of posting links, as the links could fail after few attempts. Opening Facebook is one thing, loading hubpages is another. And that's more waiting. At twenty dollars a month, a slow internet is all you will get. With our country poorly connected, it is no surprise we are mess.

  2. Coffeequeeen profile image82
    Coffeequeeenposted 5 weeks ago

    I'm sorry to hear you get such a slow Internet connection in the Philippines.  Nowadays you should be able to surf the web without it being so slow!  Let's hope the companies fix this so you can do your work smoothly and quickly!

  3. Mamerto profile image93
    Mamertoposted 5 weeks ago

    Thanks! I just hope they did. It's the scourge of online businesses here. By the way we only have one internet company in the Philippines.

  4. Mamerto profile image93
    Mamertoposted 5 weeks ago

    And see the double reply? It happens after the net hanged smile