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How do you deal with the challenges you meet while working online or on Hubpages

  1. Cardisa profile image91
    Cardisaposted 6 years ago

    How do you deal with the challenges you meet while working online or on Hubpages?

    As writers we face challenges everyday. Sometimes they are harder to deal with because we can't see the people face to face. How do you deal with these challenges that are from the virtual world, yet the affect us in a real way?

  2. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image96
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    If you are talking about interpersonal conflict....then to be very honest, you have to just ...somehow learn to tune certain people out.

    I find the forums here to be mostly a HUGE waste of time and mental energy for me.

    The only forums on this site that are productive for me are the ones dealing with the business end of Hubpages, and writing on the web in general.

    All other forums are a massive headache just waiting to happen for this unit.

  3. Capedium profile image77
    Capediumposted 6 years ago

    always try to look at the bright side.. Negative people ain't worth my time.. So I simply ignore.

  4. Sky9106 profile image74
    Sky9106posted 6 years ago

    Thank the Most High I expected them , so I was able to know what type of people they could possibly come from. It's actually quite simple , can't fight ghost, so if you know who is coming to fight you all the winning chances are yours .

    I prevailed in with the living God on my side.

  5. The Invincible profile image61
    The Invincibleposted 6 years ago

    Every action has a reaction. Sometimes, the reactions we get from others tend to hurt us and break our spirit.
    For example - When somebody votes down your Hub or answer or passes a derogatory comment, you get confused, whether to answer back in the same fashion, or still be polite... Frankly speaking, this sometimes makes your life a bit hard...

    Gradually, one learns to deal with such issues whether online or offline. I hope you learn the 'art' at the earliest... All The Best  !!

  6. risalat profile image67
    risalatposted 6 years ago

    I am a computer science major and a freelance writer. I used to face enormous pressure to meet all the ends - college, friends, a job (physical job), virtual job (writing articles and coding websites for people) and of course - my crazy girlfriend. It used to get worst during the final weeks of my college exams and sometimes due to relationship problem.

    But after living with all those problems for more than two long years, I got used to it or you can say, I figured out a way to manage them. I am no longer taking any job that comes my way. I am very picky and only taking the jobs which pays 'worth' the time I spend. Now, again I have a social life.

    So, here's the bottom line, don't take all the work that comes your way. Just go for the worthy ones. And if you want - you can manage a team and get the work done from them; then you'll be able to cut some profit amount without actually working.