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Weird Earnings Question

  1. meloncauli profile image96
    meloncauliposted 7 weeks ago

    Is there something wrong with how earnings balances are showing up right now? One day my balance for last month shows up $15 which I feel is wrong and another day it shows up as much more..like approx $35. This is for last month. My balance for this month looks right.
    On the earnings subject, when can we expect Payal payment this time as mine has usually paid out by 29th but no payment yet.

    1. Marketing Merit profile image96
      Marketing Meritposted 7 weeks agoin reply to this

      I received payment on 28th.

      Don't forget that Amazon earnings are paid 2 months in arrears and credited to your balance as such. Go to your earnings balance history and check that your balance was greater than $50 at the end of November.

  2. meloncauli profile image96
    meloncauliposted 6 weeks ago

    Hi and thanks for your reply. I still have the 'you have earned x this month' showing and now the old balance has gone down to 66 cents for December. Well and truly confused.

    1. Marketing Merit profile image96
      Marketing Meritposted 6 weeks agoin reply to this

      That does sound odd. Probably best if you email the team so that they can look into it for you. If most if your earnings were from Amazon, then it may be that items were returned.  Without knowing the detail, it's difficult to comment further. Good luck with this.