Permanent Videos in Articles

  1. Jeremy Gill profile image97
    Jeremy Gillposted 12 days ago

    What I mean by permanent is that the video capsule would remain intact even if the original copy was removed from its site. Too often, I've found myself inserting YouTube videos only to them inevitably removed and rendered useless in its Hub.

    Perhaps it's a matter of legality or storage space, but I'm far more hesitant to even attempt video capsules anymore because of the high probability having to go back and replace it with a photo anyway.

    1. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 12 days agoin reply to this

      Hi Jeremy,

      We used to have a feature that let authors upload videos that they owned the copyright to and hosted them permanently on HubPages, but it didn't earn enough to be worth the time and effort it took to maintain. It would also only be legal to do this with videos owned by the author or that were in the public domain or free for commercial use.

      1. Jeremy Gill profile image97
        Jeremy Gillposted 12 days agoin reply to this

        Ah, so it is a legal matter (and a financial one). It is what it is, but it's nice to know the rationale, thank you.