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how it is possible to make a pakistani honest

  1. aliosamamuzammil profile image48
    aliosamamuzammilposted 8 years ago

    how it is possible to make a pakistani honest

  2. Lady_E profile image74
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    Your question gives the impression that Pakistani's are not honest. 

    Answer:  Encourage such person to be sincere and explain how it would benefit them.

  3. WTucker profile image57
    WTuckerposted 8 years ago

    Ask a question with one answer.

    only joking im sure all pakis arent dishonest

  4. Zulfiquar Ahmed profile image61
    Zulfiquar Ahmedposted 8 years ago

    You must have encountered with a common one, who gave you some introductory idea about themselves, I believe. Though we know many of them are greatly progressing with dishonesty and corruption in every corner of this planet but there are some good people among them too. Try hard for the very exception or rare one, you will forget your pain for sure.

  5. zaina-777 profile image60
    zaina-777posted 8 years ago

    I do not believe it is possible to make anyone honest from being dishonest, let alone a pakistani. I believe there are honest and dishonest people amongst all societies and it is down to the individual how they portray and conduct themselves. If they are dishonest, then it is down to that individual to want to change and do something about it.