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how do i start makin money for writing for hubpages? my account is active and i

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    TYLON RODGERSposted 8 years ago

    how do i start makin money for writing for hubpages? my account is active and i need to make money.

  2. Will James profile image69
    Will Jamesposted 8 years ago

    First you gotta do keyword research. Find things to write about that people want to buy or will click ads about and then write quality hubs at least 600 words about that. Learn SEO and apply it. That's the short of it. Sign up for Adsense ASAP. Get an Amazon affiliate account, too.

  3. missytoeaeris profile image54
    missytoeaerisposted 8 years ago

    As Will James said, sign up for Google Adsense. Go to my account, and click on affiliate settings, then sign up for Google Adsense. This link will help you come up with keywords. You can type words in, put the website link in, or copy whole paragraphs and it will analyze and tell you how often that word is searched for.


    The important part of this is click on the drop down that says 'Show/hide columns' and click on estimated average CPC. This will show you many related words, and their estimate cost per click. Go for the high cost per click words as keywords or title. Put links on your facebook, myspace, and email friends to tell them about your blog and hopefully you will be successful in your endeavor.

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    Smart Agencyposted 3 years ago

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